Featured Employees of the Quarter

Each quarter, Celebrity Staff honors employees who demonstrate the highest level of dedication, integrity, and performance while on assignment in a supplemental or project capacity.

Congratulations to these outstanding Celebrity employees:

Jennifer (left) with Recrutier, Jessica Vargas

Celebrity Staff Kansas City Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Jennifer

The Kansas City team is excited to name Jennifer as our Employee of the Quarter!

About two years ago, Celebrity Staff interviewed a candidate with a customer service background and a passion for legal studies and paralegal work. In this candidate we recognized the ability to adapt and decided we knew the perfect client to match her ambitions.

Jennifer has shown outstanding reliability and consistency in performance in her contract-to-hire position for well over a year and a half. Her background has afforded her the ability to grow within the company and become a highly valuable resource. Through ensuring clear communication and proactive problem solving, we have come to rely on Jennifer as a dedicated employee. Each interaction further exemplifies Jennifer's professionalism and dedication.

Congratulations and thank you for all you do to be such a positive influence!


Annette with Sr. Account Manager, Pam Hickey

Celebrity Staff Omaha Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Annette

Annette is a skilled data entry clerk who has worked for Celebrity Staff for more than a year. The supervisor at her current assignment says Annette is "always punctual and very focused on her work." As a dedicated employee, Annette takes great pride in her work and works hard every day.

Elizabeth with Sr. Account Manager, Jeremy Mohr


Celebrity Staff Lincoln Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Elizabeth

The Lincoln team is happy to announce Elizabeth as our Employee of the Quarter! Elizabeth has been an employee of Celebrity Staff since August 2013. She has been a fantastic employee, even with a commute from Wahoo, NE. I've never had a complaint about her attendance, and I have heard nothing but great things about her from her supervisors. One supervisor said, "Elizabeth is very pleasant to work with. She has an upbeat, can-do attitude. She is willing to learn new information on the fly. We can always count on her to ensure the correct information gets out to the borrowers. Elizabeth is a dedicated employee that is always here on time and ready to help."

Employee of the Quarter, Deb

Celebrity Staff Des Moines Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Deb

Deb has been employed with Celebrity Staff on her current assignment since August 2013. She has been a model employee during her assignment and does an excellent job meeting and exceeding expectations as well as staying in contact and checking in. Deb has a friendly, warm personality and is always willing to chip in and lend an extra hand when needed. Thank you, Deb, for all your hard work for Celebrity Staff!