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Turn Your Bad Blood into Mad Love

It's Monday morning, you wake up, another week to be started. Except you dread going into work, not because of the morning commute or even that you dislike your job, but because there is that one person you just cannot stand.

Selling Yourself: Not Just For Presidential Candidates

Well, it’s that time of year again. Football has taken over lives, pumpkin flavored everything is on the shelves, and presidential candidates on both sides of the political fence are hot on the campaign trail.

Big Words and Bad Grammar

I recently partnered with a client to find an operations management candidate with specific experience in a niche field. The industry that my client required experience in is very uncommon and was going to be very hard to find.

Recruiting: Not just for college athletics anymore!

Unless you've been living underneath a rock you are probably somewhat aware that football season is here. That means we get to start the tried and true traditions of friends gathering around and rooting for our favorite teams, crisp fall days, tailgating, and eating our collective body weights in buffalo wings and various other goodies.

No, I Will Not Network With You!

Every week you go to the same networking group with the same people, and every week you give the same 30 second elevator speech. You may have rehearsed and rewritten it about 20 times to get it just right.

A Recruiters Golden Rule: Don’t Burn Bridges

One lesson I learned young, and have preached to anyone who will listen is a simple one, "don't burn bridges." I'm not just referring to bosses. I'm talking about subordinates, co-workers, an interviewer that may not hire you, or even a client you meet while on the job.

Be Appealing: Simplicity is Best

Remember back in the day when companies would be willing to do interviews without scheduling appointments? Those were the times when trust and credibility were most easily attained. The times when wearing a business suit had a major impact on your professional evaluation and the decision makers performing that judgement. If you took the time

Put a Ring on It

Wedding season is in full swing. I’m getting ready to attend my fifth wedding in two months, which is a much lighter schedule than in years past. After attending numerous weddings, there are certain traditions you come to expect, but none is more fun to watch than the bouquet toss. All of the eligible women/girls

Four Things You Should Avoid During an Interview

I am an intern at one of the Midwest’s leading staffing and human capital companies. I am very grateful to learn so much about such a fascinating and expanding field and to get to work with some amazing individuals. I get the opportunity to meet and help hire many unique and talented people every day

Employees of the Quarter – Q2 2015

Celebrity Staff is excited to announce the 2015 Q2 Employees of the Quarter. Each of these deserving candidates were featured in Celebrity’s quarterly employee newsletter and received a certificate and giftcard.