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Inevitable Change

Regardless of where you stand on New Year’s resolutions, let your 2014 calendar serve as a great reminder about the only true constant in our lives: Change! Embrace it or not, we are all changing and adapting as the minutes pass. The most positive thing about change is that with some effort, we can help direct change in our lives as opposed to being its victim or living on the reactive end. Now remember that change must come from the inside, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize outside help.

Helpful Information for Relocation

Larger metropolitan areas are magnets for professionals of all kinds to relocate. Kansas City, for example, has several large companies headquartered in the area and attractions that provide a fun and exciting work/life balance. Since January, I’ve received dozens of calls from job seekers who are relocating to the Kansas City area and conducting a job search from a distance. Through speaking with these candidates and discussing how Celebrity Staff might be able to help them, I’ve realized that each circumstance is different, but there are distinct similarities. More often than not, these candidates have disclosed that they don’t know a thing about the job market and have no clue where to start. I’ve put together a few tips to assist those who are looking to relocate to a new area and want to have a job secured by their moving date. In fact, these tips could apply to all job seekers.

LinkedIn: The Missing Piece in Your Career Search

I was struggling to think of a topic for my newsletter article when the following situation popped up in both my personal and professional networks in the past month. I figured, ‘Hey, if I’m running into this during my day-to-day activities I bet a lot of other people are as well’. I’ve been asked the following question in one form or another by over a dozen people in the past month:

Hiring Mistakes? Never!

Making the right hiring decisions is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Hire a great customer service person, you have happy customers and happy customers can make your business. Hire a bad customer service representative, and your company has a bad reputation and you lose your customers. Hire an outstanding manager who has the ability to coach people and build business, you’ve got a tenured staff and low employee turnover. Hire a manager who makes it a miserable place to work and morale and productivity crash, soon you have employees leaving left and right.

Fun at Work: Possible and Productive

As I watched my grandson this weekend laugh a fully belly laugh, it made me think about the last time, we as adults, laughed like that. If you think about it, you spend more than 33 percent of your week at work. I understand work is work, but why can we not have a few moments of laughter in that time?

A Client’s Perspective: Why Working with a Staffing Firm Works for my Company

This month I am celebrating my ten year anniversary with Celebrity Staff! In my ten years, quite a lot has changed. The employment landscape in Omaha has changed, the process of how applicants apply for jobs has changed, the way our clients conduct interviews has changed, and the process we go through to recruit candidates has definitely been changed by technology and the advent of social networking. In honor of my anniversary, I thought I’d sit down with a client that I have worked with my entire career with Celebrity to find out if the reasons why employers choose to work with a recruiting firm have remained the same or if they have also changed.

Celebrity Staff Q1 Employees of the Quarter

Celebrity Staff recently recognized our Q1 Employees of the Quarter. These top candidates have each received rave reviews from their managers and represent some of Celebrity’s most talented candidates. In honor of their recognition each Employee of the Quarter received a certificate and a gift card and were featured in the Q1 Celebrity Staff employee newsletter.

Unemployment Part II: Disciplinary Action

It is difficult in these economic times to avoid talk on the television and radio of the financial crisis we are in or the seemingly hopeless state of the economy. Likewise, unless you are only tuning into the Disney Channel, it is hard to miss the topic of unemployment and how its effects are playing a part in the world today. Now, I recognize that flipping the channel to a show about a teenage alien can be a much-needed reprieve, but only with knowledge can you really find peace.

Mission Man Visits Celebrity Staff

C&A Industries brought its mission statement to life late last year when we introduced Mission Man, C&A’s very own super hero. Mission Man is on a mission to recognize employees who go above and beyond at work incorporating C&A’s mission statement values into their daily endeavors.

Mission Man made his second visit to the Celebrity Staff KC office in less than a year! This time, he was honoring Brad L. and Grete R. for their excellent work with a vendor management company. Thanks to the efforts of Brad and Grete and the entire KC team, Celebrity ranked #2 of 18 vendors on a “vendor scorecard” with an impressive score of 92.66! Way to go, Celebrity KC!

7 Simple LinkedIn Dos & Don’ts

LinkedIn.com is a professional networking resource that continues to evolve since its inception nearly seven years ago. Having a LinkedIn profile is a “must have” in 2010 and a few simple reminders on how to effectively use the tool can go a long way toward projecting the image you want to portray to existing and potential contacts/colleagues.

We’ve all heard that you can’t undo a bad first impression — that’s true online as well as in person. Here are seven basic tips to help your LinkedIn profile put its best foot forward: