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Serving the Midwest and surrounding
regions with offices in Omaha, Lincoln,
Des Moines, and Kansas City.


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Staffing Solutions

Celebrity Staff offers a portfolio of flexible solutions, customized to meet your staffing requirements as your business needs change. We specialize in the Administrative, Management, and Legal fields.

Your people are your greatest investment. Partner with Celebrity Staff to obtain skilled, experienced, and motivated professionals who are ready to make an impact. We serve the Midwest and surrounding regions with offices located in Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Kansas City.

Direct Hire
Full-time employees, pre-qualified and pre-screened to match your position profile.

Match Hire®
Assess performance and compatibility before making a hiring commitment through this "working interview."

Contract / Supplemental Staffing (Temporary)
Ideal for special projects or during critical periods.

Provide your company with the assurance that responsibilities are covered when your permanent staff members need to be away from the office (vacation, medical leave, military duty, jury duty, etc.).

Temporary team members can oftentimes bring new skills, perspectives, and insights into their role that can improve efficiency or streamline production.