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Employment Tips & Insights | Administrative, Management, & Legal Staffing

Is There A Right Way To Leave Your Job?

Omaha Account Manager Jonathan Miller talks to jobseekers about the right way to leave an opportunity before you take on the next.

Staffing Industry Veteran on the Magic of Conversations and Teamwork

Celebrity Staff Lincoln Senior Account Manager Angie Smathers reflects on the evolution of career after over twenty years in the staffing industry.

How to Write a Resignation Letter

The stress of the job search is over, no more sending resumes, follow up notes and waiting for an answer, your hard work has paid off! You've officially accepted an offer and ready to start a new career! Next step, you need to submit your resignation. General Manager Patty North discusses what to

Why You Should Utilize A Staffing Firm to Help You Find A New Career

Senior Lincoln Recruiter Jill Warren discusses the benefits of working with a staffing company and common misconceptions that hold people back from utilizing the resource.

How To Work Through A Two Week Notice

I had lunch today with an employee on the last day of her two week notice. We were joined by a former employee on our team, and had invited a third who was unable to attend. It made me realize that these three people all have something in common. Their two weeks notice was drama-free,

How Do I Respond To A Recruiter on LinkedIn?

Senior Omaha Account Manager Jessica Howes sheds light on best practices to utilize when communicating with Recruiters on Linkedin.

How Do I Succeed As A New Manager?

Celebrity Staff Recruiting Manager Kristi Elet reflects on major takeaways from her transition into management.

How Do I Retain Employees After Maternity Leave?

However, for the returning employee, this can be a difficult time.  They’re tired, stressed, and getting very little sleep. They may not like the way they look, and they probably haven’t worn “real” clothes in weeks.  If they’re like me, they spent the first day drive to work crying, feeling guilty, and already missing their

How Much Does a Staffing Company Cost?

I get it. You need to hire someone, can't find them on your own, the jobs been open for two, four, eight weeks now and now turn to a staffing company as a last resort and want to know price, makes sense.Before looking at what a staffing service may cost, you should first explore the

A Day In The Life of A Staffing Firm Recruiter

I am asked this question almost daily, “What do you do all day in your job” etc. My short version answer to that is; I am engaged with people 100% of the day whether that is clients, job seekers or internal co-workers. I am connecting with people daily and helping them succeed whether that is