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LOYALTY – A Celebration of 20 Years of Service

Ellen Jensen celebrates you 20 year anniversary with Celebrity Staff this year!

Ellen Jensen celebrates her 20 year anniversary with Celebrity Staff this year!

Loyalty and tenure: two words that rarely describe employees in today’s businesses. These qualities were once commonplace in a time when pensions were common and identities were associated with a company, not a career choice. Ten, fifteen, twenty years were expected and anything less was frowned upon.

Today, however; ten, fifteen, or twenty years is a surprise, especially on the heels of the GenX-ers who think nothing of switching jobs every six months for a “career move,” regardless of how it may look on their resume.

When we see double-digit tenure coupled with the desire to grow and stay “engaged” and contributing to business success, it should be celebrated! Celebrity Staff/C&A Industries celebrates an employee who does just that.

Ellen Jensen celebrates her twenty-year anniversary with Celebrity Staff/C&A Industries in February 2010. The role she has today is very different from the role at our front desk in 1990! Ellen’s role has evolved during her 20 years with the company as technology and new business processes have been implemented and she has been quick to evolve right along with the changes. Pursuit of education, gaining certifications, and learning new skills has allowed her to continue to be an asset to our company, not just in Omaha, but for the entire region.

When the recession began, Ellen took initiative to ask what she could do to help the company and what she could change so that she continued to impact Celebrity’s business success. Her willingness to take on new challenges and commitment to excellence makes Ellen one of Celebrity Staff’s greatest assets and a model for all other employees. It has been my pleasure to work with Ellen for the last 15 years; I can’t imagine our company without her.

Co-worker comments:
“Ellen is the go-to person for our office when it comes to administrative questions and needs. She has been happy to assist me training our new hires during the past four years at the front desk and she has provided great feedback. Each time I come into the Omaha office, Ellen always greets me with a smile and asks how I am doing. She is probably one of the most sincere people I have had the pleasure of working with in my six plus years with C & A.”  Elizabeth A., Branch Manager, Celebrity Lincoln.

“Working with Ellen has been a delight! She provides a great attitude and is always bending over backwards in order to help those around her. As a new employee she was a great first person to meet at Celebrity Staff. From day one, Ellen made me feel welcome and part of the team and was more than willing to assist me with anything and everything. So many candidates we work with on a daily basis describe their ideal or desired new employment opportunity. Often candidates make mention of a productive, positive, and pleasant working environment. Ellen Jensen aids in providing all of these things and so much more. Cheers for Ellen!”  Molly H., Recruiter, Celebrity Lincoln

“Ellen is always willing to help out no matter what you ask of her. She has the huge task of keeping all of our schedules in line, knowing where everyone is at all times, and she does this seamlessly. If you ask Ellen to help with something, she has the “no problem” attitude – no matter if she is working on other projects, she is always willing to help.”  Leslie S., Sr. Account Manager, Celebrity Omaha

“Working with Ellen has been an adventure! She is forever willing and has accepted the challenge of many new responsibilities as needs arise. Ellen makes work fun and keeps all of us on our toes. Celebrity would not be the same without Ellen manning our front desk and keeping smiles on our faces!” Sarah B., Operations Manager, Celebrity Omaha

There are great lessons to take from Ellen. She showcases a continued desire to grow and help and always asks for feedback so she knows the part she plays in the big picture of the company mission. Synonyms for loyalty: allegiance, devotion, constancy, fidelity. All words that I would use to describe Ellen. Thank you, Ellen for all you have done for us at Celebrity Staff and C&A Industries.

Patty North, CPC, Celebrity Staff Regional Manager

Patty North, CPC, Celebrity Staff Regional Manager

About Patty North
As the regional manager of Celebrity Staff, a leading staffing and recruitment firm, Patty North has assisted organizations across a four-state region with the development and implementation of best practice strategies in the areas of talent acquisition and talent management. Her collective insight and expertise on workforce planning, garnered from her 15 years in the staffing industry, has enabled clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. Celebrity Staff is based in Omaha, Nebraska with offices located in Lincoln, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri.


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