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Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

In today’s job seeking world, it’s becoming more and more important to not only have a well-written resume but to also have strong interviewing skills. When decision makers make the final cut they are looking for who interviewed the best, who said the “right things,” and who showed the “right stuff” during the interview. As we all know, interviewing takes practice like any other “life skill.”

Are you doing a phone interview or a face-to-face interview? Phone interviews are becoming more and more popular as the working world is getting busier and busier. Employers want to speed up the offer and placement time and take candidates off the market. However, don’t let a phone interview fool you as you still need to practice so you can make a good impression.

Are you prepared?

As an Account Manager and Recruiter for Celebrity Staff, I conduct phone interviews weekly. There is nothing worse than a candidate who isn’t prepared. Here are a few key points for how to have a successful phone interview.

Answer your phone – Always write down the day and time the Recruiter is supposed to call you. If you are not able to make the call, have the common courtesy to reschedule instead of being marked as a “No Call, No Show.” This never looks good in your job history, right?

Have good reception – Almost everyone uses cell phones so it’s imperative that you are in a good spot for reception so you don’t drop the call and can be heard clearly.

Eliminate background noise – Are you driving? Do you have children screaming in the background? Always make sure you have a designated space for your phone interview. I would suggest sitting at a table in a quiet space so you can review your resume and take notes.

Do your research – Learn as much information as you can on the staffing company you are interviewing with or be prepared to ask questions about the company that they may be looking at you for. You wouldn’t go to a face-to-face interview without any questions, so don’t do a phone interview without being prepared either.

Don’t answer the phone like it’s your friend – Always remain professional and answer the phone with a polite tone and an awesome attitude. This is your first impression and will go a long way with the interviewer. Give as much detail as possible as no one wants a one-worded answer, but we don’t want story time either. Get to the point quick and be specific.

Smile – I can’t stress this enough. If you smile on the phone, it can be heard on the other end. Always remember your face can’t be seen, but your voice and tone can be heard. Smiling is important as it provides good signs and lets the person know that you are engaged and excited.

Close strong – Remember to always thank the person for their time. Time is valuable and people only spend time with those who are worth their time. Always let them know that you are in fact interested in the opportunity.

To summarize, remember to treat a phone interview like you would any other interview. Be prepared, on time, and detailed. Most companies are starting their hiring process with phone interviews and it’s your chance to shine for the first time.

Hope this helps!

Makayla Monico

Makayla Monico has been employed with Celebrity Staff since June 2013 where she supports the Kansas City territory. Her favorite part of her job is the excitement for all parties when matching top talent with her clients. Makayla was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studied criminal justice. After college, Makayla realized that social work was not the career she wanted to pursue. She then started working in hotel management where she spent the next 12 years and then as an Account Manager for AT&T for eight years managing tele-com services for more than 150 multi-million dollar businesses. In her free time, Makayla enjoys spending time with her “man friend” and their daughters, Gianna and Mallarie, photography, and remodeling her home.