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Motivation: Do You Know What Motivates Your Employees?

Have you ever asked an employee what motivates them? You may think money is what motivates them but that is not always the case. There is no doubt a solid compensation is beneficial in retaining top talent, but there are more things that motivate employees. Knowing what motivates your employees is important because it allows you to work with them to obtain what is motivating them and in turn that helps you retain top talent.

First, you need to sit down with your employees and have a conversation about what motivates them. Once you figure this out, you need to make sure you do something with it.

Some of the different motivating factors I have seen in my management career are career advancement, recognition, drive to be the best, and happiness. In my career, I have lost some of my best employees because I was a young manager and didn’t take the time to talk with them about what motivates them. In fact, I lost one of my best salesmen because I thought he wanted to move up in the company but really what he wanted was to be recognized as the best salesperson.

In today’s job market, we are faced with an unemployment rate of 3.4 percent in Nebraska and that means it is more important than ever to have a conversation with your employees about what motivates them. You may be surprised by what you hear! Trust me, it’s well worth the time to discuss with your employees what motivates them so that you can keep the talent you have because it is tough right now to find better candidates in this job market.
Rance-Johnson-v2-150x150Rance Johnson
Rance Johnson has been with Celebrity Staff since June of 2014. He enjoys working with clients and candidates and finding the perfect match for both and the thank you that follows. Rance was born in Blair, Nebraska and now resides in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska with his wife, Karli, and two sons, Aiden and Carter. He graduated from Bellevue University and studied business. Before joining Celebrity Staff he spent 11 years in the wireless industry managing a team of three to 14 employees. Rance enjoys being with his family in his downtime whether they are outside playing sports or inside playing board games.

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