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Planning Your Staffing Needs for the New Year

The New Year is almost upon us and if the end of 2014 is any indication, there are clear signs that business is on an upward trend and candidates are slim to none. It’s the time of year when you need to think past the holidays, the holiday parties, and the requests off. Start putting your budget plans and 2015 goals in motion. This starts by making sure you have the right teams to make sure projects go smoothly and that you will be able to meet the building demand in the year ahead.

How Can Celebrity Staff Help?
If adding staff is in that plan for 2015, either permanent or contract staff, Celebrity Staff can be a great partner to have on your team. We have a very large network of qualified and interested candidates that we are constantly recruiting for in the following areas:


Most hiring companies turn to us when they have exhausted all recruiting options when Celebrity should be the first call you make. Here are five reasons why you should hire through Celebrity vs. directly.

1) Expertise – Celebrity has a level of expertise that may exceed the human resources departments in small businesses. Celebrity’s staff is more in tune with employment trends, law changes, and recruitment best practices because this is our core business.

2) Better Talent Pool – Many smaller employers cannot compete with the larger businesses when it comes to pay, benefits, and recruitment tactics. As a result, they are left out of consideration by top performing talent. Celebrity bridges the gap by recruiting that top talent daily.

3) Cost Savings – Using Celebrity is a cost effective option for certain processes and positions within your company. Your cost savings will be realized by:

Efficiency: Recruiting, screening, and hiring a candidate takes a lot of time. Delegating these tasks to an expert will reduce the amount of time and expenses you spend on the hiring process. Hiring Celebrity will also allow you to onboard your new team member quickly and reduce down time.

Advertising Dollars: Recruiting for top talent takes an investment in advertising dollars to reach your talent pool. Celebrity has already set aside advertising dollars for recruiting and is already reaching the talent you need. You can leverage our dollars and save yours.

Convert Fixed Costs to Variable Costs: For some positions in your company you could save money by converting your “Fixed Employee Cost” to “Variable Employee Cost.” For example, if your business has very little room for overhead costs but you still need employees to respond to customer orders, you could use Celebrity only when you had orders to fill. Even though you pay a markup on the hourly rate you wouldn’t have to carry the fixed employee costs when you didn’t have the work.

4) Reduce Risk – When you engage the services of Celebrity you get the talent, but not the HR overhead. The employee reports to you but you have no liability for workman’s comp, payroll taxes, or unemployment claims.

5) Flexibility – Larger companies are already taking advantage of using contingent workforce to ramp up or down. As a small business owner you can use Celebrity’s employees as much or little as you need and have the flexibility to discontinue them once your work is complete. During slower times of the year you can downsize without going through painful layoffs. During busy times you will have access to great workers who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days.

So when finishing those holiday cookies and those dreadful budget plans, engage the services of Celebrity Staff and let’s plan together.

The team here at Celebrity Staff wishes you and your team a happy holiday and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Jason Randazzo
Jason Randazzo joined Celebrity Staff in 2014 as an Account Manager servicing the Omaha market. Jason recently relocated to Omaha from Chicago. He carries his associate’s degree in business management and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in communications. Jason brings more than 10 years of management and recruiting experience in the retail world. Most recently, Jason spent three years in the mortgage industry where he learned many transferable skills that has allowed him to exceed expectations in his new role at Celebrity Staff. Jason quickly identified that his biggest strengths were connecting to the clients and recruiting top talent. Co-workers describe Jason as someone that brings high energy and will jump right in to help the team. In his spare time Jason enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife Jenna and son Vincent.