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Shhh, Be Careful What You Say!

Do you know a person who has an excuse or complains about everything? When you talk to this person do you want to say “shhh”? I often wonder what a person feels they are gaining when they talk bad about other people or companies.

I have done countless interviews in my time as a manager and a good portion of those interviews I have heard the candidate talking bad about the company and/or manager. The candidate isn’t gaining any sympathy from me. Instead they sound bitter and mad. When I hear this it begins to raise the following questions in my head:

• What’s the other side of this story?
• Is this person impossible to please?
• Do they not have reasonable expectations of their manager? Will they be a pain in the neck to have on staff?
• Are they going to quit here, too the first time something happens that they don’t like?
• Are they going to be badmouthing me someday, too?
• Why doesn’t this person realize that you don’t say things like that?

I had a candidate who was a 90 percent match to an open position (which is a fantastic match considering our unemployment market) go to an interview today. I spoke with the candidate before the interview and prepped him on a few questions and made some suggestions. I told him to never talk bad about a previous company and/or manager. He said, “Of course not, I know that,” so I moved on with my other suggestions.

After speaking with my client after the interview, oh boy did my candidate not listen to me. During the interview he told my client something bad about every company and manager he had previously worked for. Why? I don’t get what he thought that would accomplish after I specifically told him not to do so. Needless to say my client passed on the candidate.

The next time you talk to that person you know who has an excuse or complaint about everything and they are looking for a job, let them know not to bad mouth their old company or manager.

Rance-Johnson-v2-150x150Rance Johnson
Rance has been with Celebrity Staff since June of 2014. He enjoys working with clients and candidates to find the perfect match and the thank you that follows. Rance was born in Blair, NE and now resides in Fort Calhoun, NE with his wife, Karli, and two sons, Aiden and Carter. He graduated from Bellevue University and studied business. Before joining Celebrity Staff, he spent 11 years in the wireless industry managing a team of three to 14 employees. In his downtime, Rance enjoys being with his family whether they are outside playing sports or inside playing board games.


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