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Do You Take Things for Granted?

I asked myself the question, do I take things for granted? This can be your family, health, job, or really anything in your day to day life. Recently Celebrity Staff had what people like to call an “ah ha” moment when a coworker’s house burnt to the ground and they lost everything.

Instantly I put myself in their shoes and thought how I couldn’t imagine losing my house – all the memories, personal photos, and family heirlooms. Right then Celebrity Staff knew we needed to call the employee and see if there was anything we could do.

Celebrity Staff had a small idea and named it Taco Thursday. A few of us got together and bought everything we needed for our Taco Thursday fundraiser. Before we could blink, at 11:00 am we had our first hungry employee. Next thing we knew it was noon and we were running out of the 250 taco shells and needed to send someone to get more. We closed our fundraiser at 1:00 pm and looked at each other and just smiled.

In those two hours we had so many people come together and help out at C&A Industries, even though most did not know the employee. Celebrity Staff wished we could have gathered everyone who contributed to Taco Thursday to see the look on our candidate’s face when we gave them our donations. It would have brought you to tears.

Now take a moment and look around, whether you are at home or at the office. Don’t take life for granted and make every day count.

Jason Randazzo

Jason joined Celebrity Staff in 2014 as an Account Manager servicing the Omaha market. Jason recently relocated to Omaha from Chicago. He hold an associate’s degree in business management and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in communications. Jason brings more than 10 years of management and recruitment experience in the retail world. Most recently, Jason spent three years in the mortgage industry where he learned many transferable skills that have allowed him to exceed expectations in his new role at Celebrity Staff. Jason quickly identified that his biggest strengths were connecting with the clients and recruiting top talent. Co-workers describe Jason as someone who brings high energy and will jump right in to help the team. In his spare time Jason enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife, Jenna, and son, Vincent.


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