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Pros and Cons of Temp Projects

You’re out of work and need money quick. What do you do? Spend all day online applying for jobs and wait to have some companies call you back, but the majority of them do not. Bills are piling up and you’re stressing out. Temp work is your answer! Let me explain how temporary work can help out during this time or any time.

Temp work can keep your skills sharp while you continue to job search and in some instances temp work can lead to something permanent. While you’re on assignment, you are still able to interview before you start work or during your lunch hour. While you’re temping you’re definitely getting a paycheck and we all need that! As a temp you could be helping a company with a project or seasonal work while someone is out with an illness, maternity leave, or on vacation. More times than not, if you’re on time and do a great job, you are offered something longer term. If not, you helped out, learned something you may not have known before, and you definitely earned a paycheck! During the time you are on a temp assignment you are being evaluated for your attendance, your multi-tasking skills, your communication, your initiative, and your overall performance. Temporary positions allow you to try a different industry or position than you might not have normally considered, without having to be tied to a career commitment if it’s not your cup of tea.

There are plenty of pros to temporary assignments (and I just named a few), but what about the cons? The biggest con most candidates struggle with is the benefits while working as a temp. Check with your agency first though. Most agencies offer benefits while on assignment after a certain period of time. Another con is being considered “an outsider”. In some instances, temps are not invited to company events, allowed time off (which is NOT true as you can accrue this in time while on assignment), and there is not job security. Then again if your performance is outstanding you may be offered something permanent. Also working as a temp helps close the work gap. More times than not these days employers are looking at current work history and tenure. If you have not worked since January, but have done some temp work in the meantime, then it makes it easier to sell to a client that you have the “drive” to work than if you’re just sitting at home.

If the assignment ends and you still have not landed “the perfect job”, then stay in contact with your agency and/or recruiter. Communication is key while working on temp projects. You should call your agency if you’re running late, are going to be absent, or to share feedback (good or bad). Choosing the right agency for your needs is something very important to keep in mind during your job search. There are so many staffing agencies out there, and yes there is a difference. Choose the agency that staffs for positions that you have experience in (ex: Administrative/Office, Legal, Sales, Warehouse/Logistics, etc.). Last but not least, when choosing a company (or companies) to work with, read their mission statement as it is important to know the company’s values and culture. After all, they are there to help you achieve your goals!

Amber Oliver

Amber-Oliver_150x150Amber joined Celebrity Staff in 2015 as a Recruiter servicing the Kansas City market. Prior to joining the Celebrity Staff team, she worked as a Staffing Manager for another staffing agency. Amber comes with a total of seven years recruiting experience and is as an expert in sourcing, screening, interviewing, evaluating, testing, placing, and completing all on-boarding processes for candidates. Her co-workers describe her as spunky, outgoing, and willing to help out wherever needed. In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time on the farm with her significant other, step-son, sister, and nephews.



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