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What Does the Word “Relationship” Mean to You?

Recently, I have been in two weddings with a third coming up this fall. Add on at least two more for next year and we’re not even close to being done. Even though the wedding season is winding down that just means the engagement season is starting up and the circle continues. Yes, I am at that age where a number of my friends have graduated college, started their careers, and are on to the next step in life. But what does any of this have to do with relationships you ask? Everything.

Relationships happen throughout your life. Some relationships are just individuals you meet and connect with but never see again. Others are lifelong relationships where you can talk about anything and everything. These could be personal relationships or business relationships. The reason I bring up all the weddings I’m in is because these are people I have built connections and relationships with and plan on continuing to do so for the rest of my life. They are people in my life where we enjoy each other’s presence and have common interests. These were not built overnight but something you have to work on.

Just like my personal relationships, I enjoy building professional and business relationships. Getting to know someone, their background, family, likes, dislikes, and anything else they want to mention (which at times is almost too much for a first phone call or meeting). Just like personal relationships, these are not built with one meeting. Yes, some can connect and click right away, but for the most part it seems it takes time to build a rapport. I believe that’s the fun part in building relationships and growing your business. You always hear the saying that people buy from people they like. A majority of businesses are built on the back of relationships.

So many times though I see business and personal relationships fail. Lack of communication, “backstabbing”, you get too busy, or you just grow apart are a few of the things that can happen. I have even seen where one trip up can cost a relationship for the rest of your life. Don’t doubt for one second that a relationship could be lost overnight.

A great example in regard to a business relationship is I met a client of mine a couple months ago and he really opened my eyes. He didn’t have a business need at the time and I said that was perfectly fine. I asked him that when he did have a business need, I would be the first person he called. He said he’d be happy to reach out. I said I was happy we had that business relationship to where he automatically thought of me when he had a need, as we’ve worked together for more than four years now. But then he posed the question, “What do relationships even mean anymore?” He caught me off guard but it was a valid question. He went on to comment how nobody is loyal anymore and someone can come in with a cheaper price and there goes your relationship out the door. I saw his point. I came back with stating if you have a true and loyal relationship, there should always be a conversation had.

So let me ask you, what does the word “relationship” mean to you? Think about that next time you’re talking to your friends or business relationships. Would they go to someone else strictly because of a lower price or would they be open to speaking with you first before making that decision? Not only that but if something was to happen in your relationship for one reason or another, would they give you a second chance to fix it?

I’ll end with a great quote we had brought up in our regional meeting: “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” -Steve Jobs

JeremyMohr_Oct2014-150pxJeremy Mohr

Jeremy joined the Celebrity Staff team three years ago and is a Senior Account Manager for the Lincoln team. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Jeremy was in sales for a publishing company for more than two years. As a Senior Account Manager, Jeremy focuses on growing new relationships with past customers, as well as generating new business in an ever-changing Lincoln market. Outside of the office, Jeremy enjoys watching any Husker sport, running, playing sand volleyball in the summer, and hanging out with friends/family. He is also a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has been a die-hard Husker fan his whole life!


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