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How to Make Change in Your Life & Career Less Scary

As the seasons begin their process of transformation from summer to fall, naturally I think about transition a lot this time of year. I think of how almost an entire year has come to pass, and I reflect on what this year has meant and the transitions it has brought. This year has been a special year. I have watched several of my co-workers transition into new positions, new promotions, top performers, and rising stars. In their personal lives, I have watched several of my co-workers and loved ones transition into new relationships, new parents, newly engaged, adding additional little ones to their families, and from college students into college graduates (I just spent several months transitioning from a college graduate into a graduate school student).

As a Staffing Assistant for Celebrity Staff, people come to me during their transitional periods to help them get to the next step as they search for employment. I talk with people about transitioning into new opportunities. I talk with people transitioning back into the work force after taking time off; transitioning after completing an education into the work force; and transitioning out of a role that no longer has a clear path of growth causing them to seek a new direction in their career.

Searching for a new career opportunity or even just a new opportunity in general can stir up a lot of unknowns, and I think it is important to always keep in mind the aspects of change that you are in control over. Of course, some change is out of our control but often times the change that we desire is not inevitable. We have to work hard at it. Most of the time, it will involve an element of sacrifice or challenge. We have to make the decision to start seeking employment opportunities. We have to make the decision to start eating better or to exercise more to get healthier. We have to make the decision to ask for a promotion. We have to make the decision to push ourselves out of our comfort zones in pursuit of something better.

Below are some pointers on how to get started with a new opportunity:


Kate Trimble

Kate started working at Celebrity Staff in 2015 and is a member of the operations team for the Des Moines office as a Staffing Assistant. She has a background in retail and merchant operations working with SMB merchants helping them grow and manage their businesses. Kate attended the University of Nebraska – Omaha and graduated in 2015 with her bachelor of science degree in political science with a concentration in foreign and national security affairs. She currently is in pursuit of her Master of Science degree in negotiation and conflict resolution (M.S NCR) from Creighton University School of Law’s Werner Institute. Outside of her commitments with work and school, she enjoys surrounding herself with her friends, family, and furry family members.