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New Hires Lead to New Opportunities for All

Celebrity Staff recently hired five new team members, two of which I’m lucky enough to directly manage. It’s been a very busy and exciting time within our company as we continue to grow and prepare for the year ahead. These recent changes are not only exciting for us here at Celebrity Staff, but for you, our candidates, as well. With the new additions to our team, you now have five more people to help you in your job search, to coach you, and to partner together with!

These past few weeks have been unique for me and have allowed me to see not only our new hires grow in their roles, but the rest of our staff develop as well. I’ve learned that when a company hires new employees, it also creates opportunities for its existing staff.

With the addition of employees, it’s the perfect time to step up in your role as well. Here’s how:

Position yourself as a mentor, someone a new hire can go to for questions and guidance. In order to be seen as a mentor, you have to do your job and you have to do it well. New employees will want to be like the top performers. They want to learn what top performers do differently and what makes them successful. As a mentor, you want to do things the right way the first time. That means no cutting corners or taking shortcuts. If you’re going to help train a new employee, you want to be sure that you are showing them the correct way to do things and not contradicting anything their manager or trainer may have shown them or will be expecting them to do.

Ask your manager if there are additional responsibilities you can help with. When new staff is added, the management team is often pulled in to assist them. This is a good thing; it’s what we’re here for! But that also means that there may be opportunities for the rest of the staff to step up and learn something new or take on more responsibilities. I’ve had several people on my team step in to assist me on tasks since our new hires have started and I definitely appreciate it. It’s nice knowing that the people I work with are willing to help me as well as one another.

Be flexible. Any time new staff is added, change is likely to occur. Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. Not every change will work out the way it was intended and you may have to try things multiple times before finding the best solution. By remaining flexible in times of change, it will create less stress for you and others you work with.

So if your company is adding to its staff, take this advice and use it as an opportunity to take your position to the next level. Many people at Celebrity Staff already have and it has been rewarding to see each of them grow in their roles.

Kiley-Clausen-updated-150x150Kiley Clausen
Kiley grew up in the small town of Oakland, Iowa. She attended college at the University of Iowa where she graduated in May 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. After college, Kiley lived in Des Moines for a year and worked as a home mortgage consultant at Wells Fargo. She moved to Omaha in June 2011 and joined Celebrity Staff. Since then, she has held various positions including staffing assistant, recruiter, and operations assistant. She is currently the operations manager where she assists the Omaha, Des Moines, Lincoln, and Kansas City branches and manages a team of six employees. She enjoys being part of the staffing industry and finds that no two days are ever the same. In her free time, Kiley enjoys spending time with her husband Justin, daughter Harper, and new son Hayden.


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