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How to Take Your Job to the Next Exciting Level

A few months back I attended a workshop, Passion for Leadership, by Lamarr Womble. Lamarr founded Passion for Leadership in 2008 and has spoken to more than 50,000 individuals about how they can find their passion. He lives out the motivational strategies he speaks of in his daily life as a Dream Director in a New York City high school. This workshop allowed me to identify my passions and discover how I can make this job my dream job. I had never thought about this balance before.

I recently got to a point in my current role that I felt myself looking for the next “big” project. Have you felt this way before? I wasn’t really sure how to approach the situation with my bosses but I ended up just telling them, “I’m READY”. I’m so glad I did! The feeling of doing the same thing over and over every day is something that most people don’t wake up and look forward to. Even though I’m glad I did, I was nervous for their response. I was looking to do something outside of my job description that would encompass my strengths, display my talents, and allow me to pursue one of my passions. I was patient as they put together a solid plan, but I also had one of my own. I figured if this was something I wanted to do moving forward I needed to showcase my talents and what I have passion for.

I was given the opportunity to partner with my General Manager on a quarterly division event. Fast forwarding only three short weeks, the event went off without a hitch. As the event planner, I was responsible for every single detail. It all came together better than I imagined, which I didn’t think was possible. You know, we always set our own standards high. I received compliments from handfuls of people throughout the company, some that attended and some that were just walking by. Although it was a great feeling that everyone thought I had done such a great job, I saw it as fulfilling my passion. “Following your passion is bad career advice only if no one teaches you how to find it”. So not only was I stoked the event was amazing, I feel proud to work for a manager who supports and allows me to displays those passions while I’m at work.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to take things to a new level to design your dream job. Ask yourself these questions:

What is your job title?

What are the perks of the job?

If you could do anything in the world for free, what would you do?

What do you love to do? What makes you happy?

Who has this job that inspires you?

If you could take on additional responsibilities that might get you close to your passions in your job, what would you do?

That last question is where you really start thinking. “When you find a passion you stop being dictated to, and you start dictating your own outcome”. If you have this same feeling in your current role, regardless of your title, I encourage you’re to do these three things:

  1. Never be afraid to speak up
  2. Have a plan/proposal
  3. Be prepared for feedback

“Find the % of like vs. the % of love in everything that you do!”

Ironically, I recently had my annual review and I am now able to plan multiple events for our organization throughout this next year. I’m happy and so excited to live my passions every day as part of my “job”! None of this would have been possible if I didn’t pursue my passions!

Makayla Monico
Makayla has been employed with Celebrity Staff since June 2013 where she supports Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas City, and Des Moines as an Operations Coordinator. In 2014 she received the Rising Star Award for making the biggest impact on the Kansas City division during that year. Her favorite part of her job is changing people’s lives daily by finding them a new career.

Makayla was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studied criminal justice. After college, Makayla realized that social work was not the career she wanted to pursue. She then started working in hotel management where she spent the next 12 years and then as an Account Manager for eight years managing telecom services for more than 150 multi-million dollar businesses. In her free time, Makayla enjoys spending time with her daughters, Gianna and Mallarie, event planning, operating her photography business, and creative projects around her home.