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Oh Boy! It’s Going to Be a Long Season

So, I decided to coach my three year old son’s t-ball team and I had no idea what I was getting into. Let me paint you a picture of the first practice and parent’s meeting. I have all the parents lined up in front of me and all the kids running around like maniacs behind me when suddenly the parents begin laughing. I turned around and one of the boys has their pants around their ankles urinating in the outfield. Oh boy! It’s going to be a long season. No worries though. We carry on with introductions and I introduce myself and my son, Carter (the kid peeing in the outfield). After introductions we begin with some basic drills.

Now, I am a huge baseball fan and I am coming in with some high hopes of what I am going to be able to do with these kids and how good we are going to be. We are going through drills and these kids are running all over the place and I am going nuts. I catch myself getting frustrated with them and wanting to scream. It was at this moment I knew I came in with the wrong expectations of what I wanted to accomplish with these kids. I realized I wasn’t out here to coach these kids to win games, but instead I was here to have fun with them and teach them the very basics of the game. When I changed my approach and made the drills more fun for the kids, they were able to learn the basics because they were enjoying themselves.

I compare what I learned in a year of coaching t-ball directly to a work environment. Have you ever walked into a business and thought to yourself, how boring is this place and how miserable are these people? When people are having fun at work they are typically more productive and happier. When you have a workforce that is engaged and having fun, the possibilities are endless. The best part about having fun at work is anyone can start it. It doesn’t have to come from management; it can come from anyone in the business. I task you with looking at your workforce and seeing if people are having fun. Are they smiling? If you don’t see smiles, see if there is something you can implement to bring out some smiles. Remember what I learned in my t-ball coaching experience? When having fun the kids were more productive.

Here are some things that are done within my office at Celebrity Staff that keeps the mood light and smiles on everyone’s faces. First of all, we have Jason Randazzo, who keeps people smiling with his positivity and high level of energy. We have 4 o’clock rock that has been a long standing tradition where we play some music at 4 o’clock on Fridays. We have a fee dance that any new team member has to do when they close their first fee. One of the biggest things that always brings a smile to our faces is food, so don’t forget the pot lucks and snacks. All of these things are small and take little effort to do but make a huge impact on the fun in my office. What do you do or what can you do in your office to have fun?

Rance has been with Celebrity Staff since June of 2014. What he enjoys most about his job is knowing that he is changing people’s lives everyday by just getting people to work. Rance lives in Fort Calhoun, NE with his wife, Karli, two sons, Aiden and Carter, and beautiful daughter, Amelia. He graduated with honors from Bellevue University with a bachelor’s degrees in business. Before joining Celebrity Staff, he spent 11 years in the wireless industry managing a team of 3 to 14 employees. In his down time, Rance enjoys being with his family whether they are outside playing sports or inside watching movies.