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Streamlining the Interview Process

Anyone who is involved in the recruitment and hiring process should consider their current strategy and what changes can help them stand out to gain the interest of top candidates. The days when companies just posted a basic job opening and had time on their side to hire has changed a lot. If you are looking to win candidates over, stepping up your game to attract great people is worth reviewing! The applicant pool is shrinking and unemployment is so low that those looking are getting several offers and they are selecting which company appeals to their values.

Simple changes to your process can be the defining reason the prospective employee chooses your organization over others. Read these tips below to determine what changes you should implement.

Present your culture with on-site interviews:  

Define the responsibilities:

Courting candidates during and after the interview process :

If your normal practice is to conduct 8-10 candidate interviews, then consider partnering with us to help you fill your positions. We provide recruiting screening, interviewing, and referral services at no cost. Since our services are on contingency, my time is free to you!

Angie Smathers
Angie Smathers began her career in 1998 in the staffing industry. During her time with Celebrity Staff, she has established long-term partnerships with companies of various industries that include medical offices, revenue cycle management, HR, legal, advertising agencies, call center, banking, and financial investment firms. Angie has placed countless individuals who are starting out in their career path or assisted them in their career transition. She has successfully forged positive, lasting career paths by identifying high-caliber candidates with top employers.

She is a member of the Lincoln Human Resources Management Association (LHRMA) and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. In 2013, Angie attained C&A Industries’ company honor of achieving President’s Club for a fourth time. In her free time, Angie enjoys spending time with family, walking, traveling, and reading.