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We Are More Than Job Fillers. We Are Consultants.

A question that always comes up in a conversation when you meet someone is, “What do you do?” After telling someone what I do, they always have more questions concerning staffing and recruiting. Some questions surprise you and some not so much. Last night I was I asked, “Do you have some guidelines for candidates? If a candidate quits without notice, then how do you handle it?” My answer was if you quit on an employer without notice, then would you use that employer as a reference? No, you wouldn’t. If I have an employee quit without notice I cannot risk our reputation with our client for the employee again. I continued to tell him that we would speak to that candidate on how to handle the situation in the future.

Candidates and clients forget we are more than just filling jobs. We are consultants on top of this, whether it be to our clients or our candidates. Sometimes our clients miss out on the perfect candidate because they moved slowly to hire them, the pay was too low, or they tend to forget that during the Match Hire® period this is still an interview period to see if the candidate is a fit for the company.

Working with a staffing agency provides the following benefits:

1) We take all the risk during the Match Hire® period because the candidate is an employee of Celebrity Staff and on our payroll. We handle the payroll, benefits, unemployment insurance, and taxes. During this period we also handle any disciplinary action so our client does not have to deal with the headache. We continue to follow up with not only our client, but our candidate to give feedback to both of them on work performance and areas of improvement.

2) If a client is unsure of appropriate compensation, we can provide market research to show what the current market is compensating employees for in their market. We can show what someone with that same skill set is currently being offered and how to retain that candidate.

3) We know the trigger points of the candidates and what they are looking for in their work life. For some, it could be a company to grow with and continue to learn or it could be that they want work/life balance. We know these answers and it helps us match up candidates with companies that offer these benefits.

4) During the initial interview we have gone through and answered questions that clients may want to know, but didn’t know how to ask. We’ve looked at candidates that might have been overlooked because they didn’t hold the exact title of “administrative assistant” or “customer service”. However, we’ve delved into their duties to see if the candidate missed something on their resume.

5) Last but not least, we save our clients money because they aren’t spending precious man hours combing through resumes and scheduling interviews. We have already done that and present our top two candidates for interview.

My question to the companies that are on the fence is what is stopping you from using a staffing agency?

Aminda Gailey
Aminda has been with Celebrity Staff since March 2016. Prior to working at Celebrity Staff Aminda lived in Washington, D.C. for 17 years working for an international food distributor. Aminda handled the sales for restaurant chain accounts to the Middle East and was able to travel to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, and UAE. Aminda enjoys traveling the world, going to concerts, trying new restaurants, and a good glass of wine.