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Three Benefits of Communicating With Your Account Manager

Congratulations, you start Monday! Now that you secured a new position through Celebrity Staff, our communication is more important than ever before! Communication is vital to ensure your assignment goes as smooth as possible. Here are three reasons why you should stay in contact with your Account Manager.

1) Account Manager Remains Your Advocate

Celebrity Staff is the match maker between you and the employer. A lot of time and energy has gone into the placement and we want things to continue successfully. We want to hear from you the good, bad, or indifferent. We want to know if it’s a good/bad environment and why. If you are unhappy we want to make things better by listening and doing everything we can to change that situation around for you quickly. We want to make sure the responsibilities are what we lined out for you when you interviewed. Maybe you are doing more – we want to know as this could end up in a pay increase. If you are going to be late to work or need time off, contact us first. If your employer contacts us and tells us you’ve been late every day for the last two weeks and we haven’t heard from you, we have no leg to stand on and they may decide to end your assignment due to tardiness. If you love your placement, we love awesome stories too! Remember, your Account Manager has invested just as much as you have and they want to make sure it’s a good fit as well. If you share with us we can share with your employer.

2) Improve Your Working Relationship with the Client

We talk weekly with the employer and we love to share stories and updates from both sides. How things are going onsite, what you love about the job/employer, etc. Clients love to share the good, but they also have to share the not so good. This allows us to understand what the client is looking for, but also allows you to build a better relationship and peak your performance on the job. No one likes to hear negative feedback, but look at it as a way to grow. Be accountable and take action. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you move forward that makes the difference. At the end of every assignment the client fills out an evaluation on you and we use these evaluations on any assignment you go on in the future. You are there to make an impact, so make it a good one.

3) New Opportunities

Wanting to apply for other positions where you’re assigned? Call us! We are probably already recruiting for it and if not, we can help you get your foot in the door quicker. If you are on a temporary assignment it’s in your best interest to stay in touch with your Account Manager on a weekly basis for the new or upcoming jobs. As intended, your contract assignment is going to come to an end and we want to do everything we can to get you back out to work as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This is very important if you are on our insurance. I’m sure you don’t want a gap in coverage and have to wait the eligibility period again, do you? That’s two months. Stay in touch so that doesn’t happen!

We strive to keep the best relationships with you and our clients. At Celebrity Staff we work as a team, so if you can’t reach your Account Manager, you can connect with anyone in the office. Our mission is to be the staffing provider and employer of choice by helping people and companies achieve their goals!

Makayla Monico
Makayla has been employed with Celebrity Staff since June 2013 where she supports Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas City, and Des Moines as an Operations Staffing Assistant. In 2014 she received the Rising Star Award for making the biggest impact on the Kansas City division during that year. Her favorite part of her job is changing people’s lives daily by finding them a new career and planning the division’s events throughout the year.

Makayla was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studied criminal justice. After college, Makayla realized that social work was not the career she wanted to pursue. She then started working in hotel management where she spent the next 12 years and then as an Account Manager for 8 years managing telecom services for more than 150 multi-million dollar businesses. In her free time, Makayla enjoys spending time with her daughters, Gianna and Mallarie, and her loved one. She loves event planning, photography, and doing creative projects around her home.