3 Ways to Find Top Talent with the Direct Hire Option

3 Ways to Find Top Talent with the Direct Hire Option

Take a moment to remember back to the feeling you had when you signed off to purchase your first car or first home. Perhaps reflect on the vows you said to your spouse on your wedding day, uniting the two of you together forever. In both cases, you were making a long-term commitment and essentially taking something or someone “off the market.”

As many companies have opened up hiring and/or brought back previously furloughed employees, unemployment numbers nationally have dropped over 8%. For employers, this means the readily available top talent pool has shrunk and top candidates are receiving multiple offers at a time. While the ever-popular Match Hire® opportunity remains a smart solution to fill a vacancy or newly created position, more and more employers see the true value a Direct Hire search can bring to their organization.

Here are three ways Celebrity Staff’s Direct Hire option helps to both recruit and retain top talent:

1. Direct Hire option opens up the candidate pool.

Each time we interview a candidate at Celebrity Staff, we capture the candidate’s hiring preferences. In other words, we determine if the candidate is interested in hearing about job opportunities that are Match Hire, Direct Hire, or Temporary. Most highly qualified, passive candidates that are currently working are only interested in hearing about Direct Hire opportunities due to a sense of security and ability to earn company benefits immediately.

When you are open to both the Match Hire and Direct Hire options, you open up the candidate pool and your overall options. The top candidate in our network is often actively employed.

2. Establishing loyalty and appreciation.

When talking to candidates about why they are looking to make a career change and what they hope to see in their next employer, the words “valued” and “appreciated” often come up. It should be no surprise that candidates want to feel both valued and appreciated by their next employer. When talking to employers about what they are looking for in their next employee, the word “loyalty” often comes up. Again, it should be no surprise that employers want to find an employee that is loyal to the company and looking to grow with the organization.

Loyalty from an employee comes from a long-term commitment and sense of appreciation from the employer. It is the Direct Hire option that establishes the long-term commitment and true sense of appreciation for a candidate from day one with your organization. In turn, the outstanding candidate evolves into your loyal, committed, and dedicated employee. In essence, you are taking the candidate “off the market.”

3. Offering employer “perks”

As companies increase their hiring efforts, eager candidates naturally submit multiple applications to various companies. Candidates interviewing

for your position often have 2-4 other pending opportunities. At the point of a job offer from your company, the candidate may have multiple offers on the table to consider. From the candidate’s perspective, there are many factors to consider outside of comparing compensation when weighing multiple options. Employer “perks” such as, medical benefits, paid time off, and 401K plans are just a few of the “perks” a candidate will take into consideration.

The Direct Hire option allows the candidate to move onto your payroll on the first day with your organization, enabling the employee to either immediately earn or work towards accruing some or all of these perks. Providing benefits for their family and/or planning for their retirement is often a make or break in a candidate’s decision process. As highly qualified candidates are able to become more selective when considering their next career move, employers must consider how each hiring option directly affects the candidate.

If you have questions about the hiring options Celebrity Staff offers, I encourage you to explore each option in great depth with your account manager. He or she will be able to consult with you on which option(s) you should consider in order to find your next employee and take them “off the market!”

3 Ways to Find Top Talent with the Direct Hire OptionPam Hickey

Pam has been in the staffing and recruitment industry since 2011. As a Branch Manager with Celebrity Staff, she works with the Omaha and Des Moines regions. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Pam was in the travel industry focusing on outside sales and recruiting. Originally from Iowa, Pam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Iowa State University. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and two-year-old son, yoga, cooking, and traveling.

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