3 Workplace Trends to Watch in 2019

3 Workplace Trends to Watch in 2019

Celebrity Staff works hard to deliver on our mission of being the staffing provider and employer of choice by helping people and companies achieve their goals. Part of that mission is ensuring we are aware and adaptive to workplace trends as they evolve. With 2018 officially at a close, Celebrity Staff is looking at the trends that will usher in 2019. Here are a few of our favorite trends we will be watching for the first half of the year, and beyond. 

A new generation is in office

Although millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2016) has officially begun the ascension into the workforce. Savvy employers are starting to devise long term marketing strategies and focusing on how to attract, engage, and retain the newest generation in the office. This group of individuals is being defined as digital natives that are financially conscious and they are expected like all generations before them to have a lasting impact on the workforce. Members of Gen Z account for 61 million people in the United States, “a number larger than Generation X and two-thirds the size of baby boomers.” Well-rounded branding, socially-connected cultures, flexible work arrangements (more on that later), and reviews are trending as recruiting strategies for the newest generation.

Flexible workplace solutions can fill gaps

“As the biggest driver of job growth in the U.S., small businesses are on the leading edge of workforce innovation.” Innovative businesses are realizing that the only sustainable way to grow is by accessing the right talent and technology. As workers seek out more flexible work arrangements, businesses are embracing a flexible workforce to fill skills gaps and scale their teams. Small businesses are turning beyond traditional hiring methods to find the right talent they need, when they need, to help them grow to their goals. Contingency workers and freelancers are the answer a lot of small businesses are utilizing to meet their needs.

Remote, not just a buzzword

2018 brought a lot of discourse between advocates of the traditional office structure and remote workers. To be sure, both sides had well thought out and considered points. It turns out, the remote “trend” appears to have staying power. Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom published the findings of a two year study he did on the subject after monitoring 500 employees. His findings? “To our amazement, the work-from-home employees were far from goofing off — they increased productivity by 13.5 percent over those working in the office. That’s like getting an extra day’s work from each employee. The people working from home also reported shorter breaks and fewer sick days and took less time off.” Check out the full summary here.

Have you heard of these trends? What is your organization doing to adapt? Comment below with your thoughts.


  1. The ideas of flexible workspace and remote working environment are somewhat interrelated, and I personally believe this is going to change the entire workforce scenario to a great extent in the coming years. With that happening, job agencies should also bring changes in their approaches and techniques.

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