Hiring Resolutions for the New Year

Hiring Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year’s resolutions like lose weight, quit smoking, and save more money are not just for personal goals anymore. These New Year’s resolutions can be set for the hiring needs of your business as well. Think back to all the goal sheets and tactical maps you fill out. If you could think of just five resolutions for your hiring this year, what would they be? Here’s a little help:

  1. Centralize your process:

You are seeing more and more companies moving to a more centralized platform. The strategic reason for this is to consolidate HR decisions to those who are knowledgeable in their area to motivate top performing employees and protect against the risk that goes along with hiring and managing people. The strategic involvement is that HR directors are on executive teams that participate in the strategic planning decisions, which align the hiring and retention strategies for the entire organization. This will create consistency with all business units.

  1. Standardize your hiring process:

We all know someone or have been that person who has had a bad hiring experience or even made a bad hire or two. By applying a more standardized process, it will allow you to take more of an objective approach to hiring. Standardizing your process allows you to ask the same questions to every candidate and to screen and eliminate based off of what works. This will take some time to implement, but find out what works best for you and your organization, whether it is assessments, a phone screen, two interviews, etc. Just stay consistent and follow the process.

  1. Response time:

This is simple. In the market of unemployment rates being sub 4.6 percent nationally and 3.4 percent locally in Nebraska, you are running out of time. When you have a candidate that you would like to move forward with, don’t make them wait. This does not mean straying away from your process, but it does mean being a little more flexible to possibly squeeze in a second interview, even if it has to be after hours. By doing this the candidate will feel like you are engaged in the process and will know what to expect.

  1. Candidate experience:

Oh the candidate experience…probably one of the most important pieces that is missed all too often. We have to remember the candidate is king right now and we have to make them feel that way. Some easy steps are to make sure you are communicating with them frequently, have an orientation process, and introduce them to the team. Make sure that all potential questions are answered before they start. The candidate experience during the hiring process is key to a successful placement.

  1. Leverage recruiting partners:

Whether it is a niche market that you do business in or a global company, make it a point to find that staffing partner that makes sense for your organization. Recruiters have an expertise in the field that exceeds some company’s HR departments. Oh the dreaded cost, I know, but the cost of hiring the right staff vs. the wrong staff is astronomical. Also they can cover costs like benefits, payroll, and unemployment. A recruiter has a network of available workers, some of which have worked for them in the past and have proven reliable and dependable. Find that trusted recruiting partner and run with it.

Put these resolutions somewhere you can see them and try to implement these best practices in 2017!

Hiring Resolutions for the New Year

Jason Randazzo
Jason joined Celebrity Staff in 2014 as an Account Manager servicing the Omaha market. Jason recently relocated to Omaha from Chicago. He holds an associate’s degree in business management and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in communications. Jason brings more than 10 years of management and recruitment experience in the retail world. Most recently, Jason spent three years in the mortgage industry where he learned many transferable skills that have allowed him to exceed expectations in his new role at Celebrity Staff. Jason quickly identified that his biggest strengths were connecting with the clients and recruiting top talent. Co-workers describe Jason as someone who brings high energy and will jump right in to help the team. In his spare time Jason enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife, Jenna, son, Vincent, and daughter, Mia.

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