new employee, Making New Employees Feel Welcome: 5 Professional Tips

Making New Employees Feel Welcome: 5 Professional Tips

Starting a new position is an exciting time for your new employee! This is a critical time to help your new employee feel welcome and embraced by the culture. From my own experiences I remember walking in on my first day to flowers and a welcome basket full of desk supplies such as a coffee mug and company swag. I couldn’t believe they were just as excited to have me as I was excited to be there. Each company has their own way of welcoming new hires but here are my top FIVE tips as a Staffing Consultant.

1. Give Them A Tour

The first thing you can do to help your employees feel comfortable is helping them orient themselves in their new surroundings with a tour! Show them where they can find the printer paper, general supplies, and the common areas such as the break room, restrooms, etc. 

2. Introduce Them to Other Staff Members

Pick a way that makes sense to your organization to introduce your new team member. You can spend the first 15 minutes walking them around with a personal introduction. You can take a group out to lunch to lighten the mood and allow them to learn about others. Find ways to help them foster friendship among their peers. Nothing feels worse than being one week in and your boss is out on a Friday afternoon while you have some lingering questions but feel like you are in a room full of strangers. It can be human connection that makes a new hire successful.

3. Eliminate Uncertainty

Have an onboarding, orientation, and training schedule ready. You do not want to leave the new hire uncertain of where to go or what they are supposed to do next when they are eager to prove themselves. You also want to give them a clear picture of how they fit into the organization and why their contributions will be valuable. This is an easy way from the beginning of their employment to develop engagement.

4. Ask for Feedback

Pursue active feedback early on. Who better to ask than someone who is going through your onboarding and training? You can make corrections and implement changes if necessary to ensure your new hires feel welcome and thrive.  

5. Assign a Peer Mentor

Having a designated advocate and mentor in the office gives new employees someone they can confide in, obtain help from, and gain insight into the corporate culture. Assigning the mentor early ensures they integrate quickly and always feel like their professional development is something the company is taking seriously.

What do you do for your new employees? Comment below!

new employee, Making New Employees Feel Welcome: 5 Professional Tips

Nicole Lewis, Account Manager – Celebrity Staff
Nicole grew up in Carter Lake, IA and attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She graduated in December 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and public relations. In September 2018, Nicole joined Celebrity Staff’s Omaha team where she is currently an account manager. She enjoys helping others as well as building relationships. Finding the perfect match for clients and candidates is her number one goal. In her free time, Nicole enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, Glenn, and their three children. 

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