5 Tips for Making the Perfect Job Offer

5 Tips for Making the Perfect Job Offer

Did we identify the perfect candidate for your job opening? Did you interview the candidate and decide the candidate checks your must-have boxes? Do you need to have the candidate on your team?

Then DON’T make the mistake of continuing to search or dragging your feet. In today’s employment market, the employee will have moved on. You will find yourself settling for second best or worse yet starting all over. As employers we have all fallen victim to the rejected job offer, so here are five tips to make sure that does not happen again.

1. Speed
If you have decided on the candidate that you want to bring to your team, don’t wait. TIME KILLS DEALS! I would suggest making an offer the same day as the final interview or a day or two later. This allows the candidate to feel good about the process by relieving the stress of not knowing. It also shows the candidate how excited you are to have them as part of your team.

2. Excitement
It’s always going to be natural to play hard ball or not show your cards. But after you know that you have made a decision on a candidate, drop the act and relay that excitement to them. Tell them how many people applied for the position and explain why you want them to join the team. This employer-employee relationship starts with the job offer, so show excitement or the candidate will have doubts that this is where they want to work.

3. Money Talks
Every candidate wants to make more money when jumping ship to a new employer. It has been said that there is an unwritten 10 percent rule, so think long and hard about it before you throw out a low-ball offer that the candidate will resent.

Pay is important, but it is not your only selling point. Make sure the candidate thoroughly understands your benefits as well. Take your time and make sure you understand what the candidate is looking for in a benefits package. This can help you decide what salary range you are coming in at. If the candidate’s previous employer had fantastic benefits and your benefit package is subpar, then you will need to make it up with a higher salary. There isn’t a quicker way to have your offer declined than if the candidate doesn’t feel they are being compensated correctly in benefits and salary.

After this is discussed, send the offer over in writing right away so the candidate can feel confident in accepting.

4. Ask For It
We have all seen it before where a candidate will ask for time to “think about it.” This is fine but you want to try to get at least a tentative commitment from the candidate. Ask the candidate, “What do you think about the offer?” This will help you realize how the candidate feels about the offer and if they believe something is missing. If there are any hesitations then the offer is most likely going to get turned down.

Talk about a start date and be assumptive in your approach. Again, this will show the candidate you would like them to start as soon as possible.

5. Close the Deal
Ask the questions, “How do you feel about putting in your notice? How do you think your boss will react? Is there anything that would keep you at your current employer?”

These are great questions to ask to help the candidate feel even more comfortable about their decision and it allows them to talk through a scenario.

Then close the deal by letting the candidate know that you have two other candidates that you’ve interviewed and that you want to know if you can let them know that the position has been filled.

A rejected job offer is a punch in the gut. No one wants to feel as though they missed out on the best candidate. Follow these steps to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We look forward to helping you through the process!

job offer, 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Job OfferJason Randazzo
Jason joined Celebrity Staff in 2014 as an Account Manager. He hold an associate’s degree in business management and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in communications. Jason brings more than 10 years of management and recruitment experience in the retail world. Most recently, Jason spent three years in the mortgage industry where he learned many transferable skills that have allowed him to exceed expectations in his new role at Celebrity Staff. Jason quickly identified that his biggest strengths were connecting with the clients and recruiting top talent. Co-workers describe Jason as someone who brings high energy and will jump right in to help the team. In his spare time Jason enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife, Jenna, and son, Vincent.

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