5 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Land a New Job in 2021

5 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Land a New Job in 2021

The year 2021 has started off strong with new client requests to hire talent and we don’t see signs that will be slowing down any time soon. It may not feel like it if you watch the news, but it’s true! Many companies are engaging temporary employees to help manage the workflow while they go through the hiring process. This means Celebrity Staff is busy! Chances are if you apply and have some type of office experience, we may have a position to present to you. Exciting, right?! But how do you best utilize a staffing agency?

Here are some tips on how you can leverage the hot job market for your next career move.

1. Be honest about what you want.

A staffing agency is here to help you file through jobs and identify those that meet your criteria. Do you want a certain part of town, industry, culture, or work environment? What do you like to do or dislike? It’s OK to tell your recruiter what you’re looking for; the more you share, the more targeted the opportunities we present to you.

2. Be responsive.

When your staffing agency calls, texts, or emails, make sure you answer! When we contact you, it means we have an opportunity for you. Listen to the job we are presenting, ask questions, and give us your honest opinion. If you aren’t able to answer, get back to us as soon as possible. If you aren’t interested, we’d like to present our job to the next person in line.

3. Contact us.

Don’t wait for us to call. Contact your recruiter even if we didn’t have the right position for you at the time you started working with us. Things may have changed; positions move quickly, and we don’t want you to miss out if you are still interested in a new position. The candidates who call us are often the first in line for the best opportunities.

4. Don’t be overwhelmed.

When companies use a staffing agency, they are ready to hire now! You may find that you could have a job offer rather quickly. Again, ask questions and share your thoughts with your recruiter. We are here to help you just as much as we are helping the companies we serve. We want you to be happy, after all, it’s your career.

5. Keep your recruiter informed.

Checking in with your recruiter doesn’t always have to be about asking for something. Keep us informed of your own searches so we know where you stand in your job search. Don’t be afraid to let us know where you have interviewed. By doing so, we can offer you free career counseling and help you sort through opportunities.

Staffing agencies have two clients: the businesses that give us jobs to fill and the applicants seeking new opportunities. By treating us as an advisor, you may just find yourself in the perfect career!

5 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Land a New Job in 2021Patty North, CPC, SPHR, Celebrity Staff General Manager

As the general manager of Celebrity Staff, a leading staffing and recruitment firm, Patty North has assisted organizations across a four-state region with the development and implementation of best practice strategies in the areas of talent acquisition and talent management. Her collective insight and expertise on workforce planning, garnered from her 19 years in the staffing industry, has enabled clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. Patty has served as an Advisory Board member of ICAN (Institute for Career Advancement Needs), is a past-president of the NE Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NAFCS), and has been a guest speaker at the University of Nebraska – Omaha on topics ranging from resume writing to interviewing. Patty has also been a guest presenter at Women’s Leadership Conference and break-out session presenter at the Nebraska State Human Resources Association annual conference.

In addition, Patty is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and has her Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification (SPHR). She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources and Family Sciences.

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