interviewing for employers, A Simple Guide To Interviewing For Employers

A Simple Guide To Interviewing For Employers

Employers who are interviewing are embarking on an opportunity to make candidates want to work for their company. If the candidates have a good interviewing experience and do not get the job, they will still refer their friends. When you create a negative interviewing experience that candidate may walk away and not feel inclined to ever even use your company as a consumer or they may have a negative outlook on your business overall.

In my role as a Staffing Consultant I often coach my clients on how to facilitate the most successful interview possible and have included my tips in a simple guide below.

  • Make the candidate comfortable. You want them to want this job – nothing is worse than having to beg a prospective employee to accept a job offer, you know what I mean?
  • Listen to candidate’s needs and what they are looking for. If you want a long term fit you need to make sure your company can fit their expectations, and if not, be honest about the gap so you are set up for long term success when investing your business assets into people.
  • Indicate the next steps to the candidate and make sure your team can meet those expectations. Save yourself from backlash because of a breakdown in communication.
  • Discuss with your hiring managers what they need and determine what the non-negotiables are before you begin your interview process. Awareness of the unemployment rates, skills gaps, and cost of having vacant positions may dictate more leniency about demands with education or experience in your prospective employees.
  • Limit your interviews to streamline the process and make it easier to compare the interviews and shorten the candidate’s experience to make it a positive one.
  • Ask your candidates the same questions so you can compare them. Standardize your hiring practices so that candidates are compared to the same measuring stick.
  • Within the standardized practice, allow room at the end of the interview for rapport building conversation that can help transition the interview to a close.
  • If you know the candidate is no longer a fit do not waste their time. Determine your decision while they are there. If possible, with the sole decision maker in the room.
  • Candidates share their experience with other employers and making a candidate wait can lead to them missing out on an opportunity that they should have taken or at least pursued so be as transparent as possible.
  • Give candidates constructive feedback. If there is a glaring issue with their interview approach or style that disqualified them from consideration, let the candidate or your staffing service know so there can be course correction. Interviews are naturally uncomfortable for many. Interviewing is a skill set that gets developed over the course of a person’s entire professional career.
  • If you are working with a staffing company provide feedback post interview so we can help you and your organization figure out next steps.

Now that we have those simple guidelines out of the way, I want to talk about what you legally can not mention in an interview: race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, and genetic information. Believe it or not, I still come across this in my industry. If you are having employees assist with interviews, make sure they are properly educated on the legalities of interviewing as well.

interviewing for employers, A Simple Guide To Interviewing For Employers

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