Are You Protecting Your Brand?

Are You Protecting Your Brand?

The Olympics are over and life is back to normal. No more watching handball or badminton finals at two o’clock in the morning. You know, I thought it was interesting how the media kept advertising the U.S. athletes talking about their most memorable moments of the Olympics, while all of us are wondering if Ryan Lochte lied.

No, I’m not going to go off on some tangent analyzing those events. Through that event there was one thing that truly stood out to me. As an organization you put your brand on the shirt, notepad, and phone number of every person in your organization. Now what I want you to think about is do you have the right people representing your brand? Obviously Speedo and Ralph Lauren didn’t think Ryan Lochte was the right guy anymore. Maybe some of your staff is doing more damage to your brand than good. When was the last time you evaluated the true cost of your lower performers?

I’m not talking about the taxes, benefits, and payroll costs. I’m talking about how they represent you in the market place. The stats state it’s 80 percent easier to keep the customers you have than to go find new ones. It takes one Ryan Lochte to destroy your brand, your reputation, and ultimately your company. When you look at things in those terms maybe it’s not in your best interest to just brush those things under the rug. As you saw from the reaction of Speedo and Ralph Lauren, the companies that are successful in this world are those that are willing to make the hard decisions quickly and discontinue the relationships they have with the individuals who are tarnishing their brand.

You may be wondering how I measure whether someone is tarnishing my brand. Well customer service surveys are bound to answer some of those questions for you. Let’s be honest…when was the last time you bought any consumer product and the sales representative didn’t ask you to go online and complete a survey on the service you received – whether it was a car, TV, or even just a meal? Today everyone wants to know what their customers opinions are on the goods and services they provide. This feedback should be something as an organization you take very seriously because the collateral damage of having the wrong person representing your company and your brand could be very costly.

It takes years to establish your reputation in the market you serve and minutes to destroy it. Don’t let the Ryan Lochte in your organization hide in the background. Seek them out, remove them, and give me a call as I know I can find someone who is a better fit.

brand, Are You Protecting Your Brand?Eric Beck

Eric joined Celebrity Staff in 2012 and currently serves as a Sales Manager for the Omaha Team. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Eric was a marketing executive for four years specifically focusing on the B2B market. As a Sales Manager, Eric concentrates on coaching and mentoring a team of Account Managers. Outside of the office, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife Reagan, daughter Adelynn, and son Gannon. When he isn’t spending time with his family he enjoys attending sporting events, playing softball, and boating.



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