Why Aren’t My Job Offers Being Accepted?

Do you find yourself wondering why job candidates are not accepting your offers? Are you frustrated that your office is getting further and further behind? Are employees getting stressed out because the additional responsibilities are leading to under performance? Are your own tenured employees exiting the company for new opportunities that are more enticing? Welcome to post recession, Omaha, NE!

We are fortunate to have been fairly insulated from unemployment rates that were as high as 13 percent at one point. Nationally, the average unemployment rate is down to 5.9 percent, which is down from a year ago when the national average was 7.2 percent. Nebraska is holding steady at 3.6 percent. It may feel as though you blinked and all of a sudden “the candidate is king.” I’ve been in the staffing industry for two years and I’ve seen this coming for the last year. In the last three months it has become evident to employers that the hiring landscape in Omaha and the Midwest in general is changing. Candidates are now getting two to three job offers. More than ever companies are (re)turning to us for assistance in finding top talent.

This is an exciting time to partner with Celebrity Staff. Not only do we locate top talent, we are your consultant. Our Account Managers are a great resource to revisit how you are interviewing and selling your company to the applicants. I can bring you talent, but only you can sell your company, culture, and benefits. The mentality “You should be so lucky to have a job” does not apply. It doesn’t all have to come down to money either. Look at how you are structuring the interview process. What questions are you asking the applicant? Is the interview rigid and formal or is it more behavioral and conversational? Does it make sense to try something new such as meeting a candidate for coffee? In order to persuade a candidate to “pick you” are you volunteering up front why someone should want to work there? Are you flexible with scheduling around a candidate’s personal appointments? Is the candidate able to flex their time on occasion? Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference.

What if it does come down to money and benefits? What better resource than an Account Manager! We have a good pulse on what is happening right now with Omaha’s hiring trends. We gather this information on our sales calls, from our candidates, and statistical data. We can share what others in your industry are doing to attract and retain talent. When you partner with Celebrity Staff, utilize your Account Manager as not only someone to bring you talent, but as a consultant in order to secure that candidate you want to win over.

job offers, Why Aren’t My Job Offers Being Accepted?Sarah Kaczmarek
Sarah Kaczmarek joined Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in January 2013. Previously, she worked in the banking industry for 17 years and was with her last employer for 10 years where she worked her way up from a service representative to branch manager. When looking for a new career, she knew she wanted to focus on account management and recruiting. Sarah attended UNO, Metro, and Bellevue University where she (finally) earned her Bachelor’s degree in management in 2004. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys time with her family, camping, trying new recipes, and (most recently) running.

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