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Streamlining the Interview Process

Anyone who is involved in the recruitment and hiring process should consider their current strategy and what changes can help them stand out to gain the interest of top candidates. The days when companies just posted a basic job opening and had time on their side to hire has changed a lot.

Work Life Balance…So Passe’

Careers, family, personal life, hobbies, goals. We all have these in common and are areas in our life that are important to each of us. Who doesn't want personal fulfillment and satisfaction? If you are like me, this may be a challenge.

Be Appealing: Simplicity is Best

Remember back in the day when companies would be willing to do interviews without scheduling appointments? Those were the times when trust and credibility were most easily attained. The times when wearing a business suit had a major impact on your professional evaluation and the decision makers performing that judgement. If you took the time

A Challenge or a Change? Hiring With A Lack of Candidates Will Remain a Constant for 2015!

With the New Year in progress, 2015 hiring will continue to remain a top priority as companies experience an upswing in business demands and pre-recession growth opportunities. Yet, the daunting task of hiring the “perfect “candidate for last year’s vacancy remains to be checked off.

Co-worker Relations: Be the type of co-worker you would want to work with!

As if our jobs were not demanding and stressful enough, performing our jobs to the best of our abilities is what we set out to do each day, right? After all, we want not only our bosses' approval for a job well done, but also our clients. More importantly, we value our co-workers respect for

Hiring For Keeps

I have daily conversations with many HR managers and department supervisors about staffing needs and challenges. These conversations all have a common denominator, “I’m searching for those candidates that offer quality performance, are committed to learning my industry, and will be dedicated employees for years to come.” A fair and reasonable expectation, wouldn’t you