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How To Write a Blog

As a member of the Celebrity Staff team, I am responsible for writing an individual blog a couple times a year to be published on our website and shared with social media. I guess they think I have some knowledge or wisdom to pass on and somehow benefit society...

Staffing Firm Confessions: Part II

Back by popular demand, here is my second entry in the highly publicized, nationally renowned blog series, “Staffing Firm Confessions”. Ok, so maybe it’s not THAT popular, but I did have requests for a follow up from “Phil” in Chesapeake, VA and my mom. She loves all my blogs. I’m pretty sure...

Staffing Firm Confessions: What Your Recruiter Won’t Tell You, but Probably Should

Unlike most in my profession, I've been known to over share. This is probably another example. So why don't I switch gears and disclose some things about working with a recruiter that you may not know.

Put a Ring on It

Wedding season is in full swing. I’m getting ready to attend my fifth wedding in two months, which is a much lighter schedule than in years past. After attending numerous weddings, there are certain traditions you come to expect, but none is more fun to watch than the bouquet toss. All of the eligible women/girls

How to Build a Culture of Accountability

What is accountability? The word itself brings up painful memories of blame, failure, finger wagging, and "I told you so." However, it doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be a response to something going wrong. Accountability should be something we all commit to, as a way to prevent something from ever going wrong

Why You Want an Office Full of Fanatics

I don’t know how it happened. I always told myself I wouldn’t be one of “those people.” Baseball, basketball, football, even hockey - I’ll watch and openly talk about any all day, any day. But, soccer? No way! It’s too boring, long, and who likes to watch a game where you are cheering for a