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What Does the Word “Relationship” Mean to You?

Recently, I have been in two weddings with a third coming up this fall. Add on at least two more for next year and we're not even close to being done. Even though the wedding season is winding down that just means the engagement season is starting up and the circle continues.

Investing in Future Talent

Let's take a quick poll…how many companies plan on hiring new talent in 2016? According to the latest statistics, at least 42 percent of companies will do some sort of hiring this year for one reason or another. I continually hear from companies that they are either in the process of hiring or are going

Turn Your Bad Blood into Mad Love

It's Monday morning, you wake up, another week to be started. Except you dread going into work, not because of the morning commute or even that you dislike your job, but because there is that one person you just cannot stand.

How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Employees

Employees appreciate feedback – all kinds of feedback. Whether it’s constructive criticism or something on a positive note, they want to know how they're doing and where they can improve (or at least they should). As a manager/supervisor you should be giving feedback. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or anytime you feel necessary.

Help Me, Help You!

One thing that a lot of us don't get enough of is feedback. Whether that's at work, about a certain task you've completed, from a manager or peer, or maybe at home cooking dinner (some of us don't want that feedback). Whatever the case is, feedback is an ideal part of your life! Whether it’s

The Myth of 7 Years

Would you be surprised if you actually knew the truth about the number of criminal convictions among adults these days? I recently read on yubanit.com written by: National Employment Law Project, “More than one in four U.S. adults -- roughly 65 million people --have an arrest or conviction that shows up in a routine criminal