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Why You Should Utilize A Staffing Firm to Help You Find A New Career

Senior Lincoln Recruiter Jill Warren discusses the benefits of working with a staffing company and common misconceptions that hold people back from utilizing the resource.

A Day In The Life of A Staffing Firm Recruiter

I am asked this question almost daily, “What do you do all day in your job” etc. My short version answer to that is; I am engaged with people 100% of the day whether that is clients, job seekers or internal co-workers. I am connecting with people daily and helping them succeed whether that is

Why Consider Temporary Employment?

Are you in between jobs? Are you looking to gain more experience? Are you not currently working? Considering temporary employment is a great way to get back to work quickly while learning new office skills, gaining experience, and generating an income at the same time.

How to Grow in a Small Office: My Journey

People often ask me what it’s like working in a small office and I always share with them the benefits and possibilities it has created for me. Often times when I am interviewing candidates or speaking with potential candidates their response when I ask...

How to Write a Resume

Writing a resume can be an intimidating or daunting task. Whether you are new to the workforce and looking for your first job, looking to change careers, or are a veteran looking to move up the chain, you will need to put together a professional resume to begin your career search.

Job Search Improvements to Make

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, each year we all want to eat healthier, lose weight, and be a better person, but what about focusing on your career path? It is not too late to plan your career search for the New Year. Here are some helpful tips that will pay off when job

How to Work with Multiple Personality Types

Walking into a new office on the first day of your new job or temporary assignment can be daunting and sometimes intimidating. You may ask yourself what your co-workers will be like and if they will like you. Having multiple personality types in the office is what makes your team set themselves apart. I bet

Dressing to Impress: A Guide

Before getting the chance to shake hands or even say a word, the first thing that is noticed about you when walking into a job interview is how you dress and present yourself. Making a good first impression is half the battle when trying to land a new position. It doesn’t matter what it is

Clearing Up Staffing Firm Misconceptions

How many people are aware that staffing services exist? Do those people know what a staffing firm does and has to offer? I am a newbie at Celebrity Staff and I wasn’t aware that a company like this was available. I often wonder how many jobseekers or students preparing to graduate college have heard about