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How Do I Succeed As A New Manager?

Celebrity Staff Recruiting Manager Kristi Elet reflects on major takeaways from her transition into management.

The Giving Season is Upon Us

It is that time of year again where everywhere you go people are asking you to donate to this and donate to that, volunteer here, open up your checkbook, your cupboards, your closets, etc. With so many options, how do you decide?

I Want to Leave My Job

Back in August I wrote a blog about wanting to love my job. I gave a few tips and tricks on how to kick start the process. Here we are a little over six months later and you still aren’t happy with your current position/company.

I Want To Love My Job

Often times we get complacent in our current positions and we come to work, do our job, and go home. We do not feel challenged or we lost the fire we used to have for the job we once loved. How do you get that back? Is it your responsibility to reignite the fire or

Communication is the Key to Victory!

Communication is the key to any relationship that you have. It is especially important when you are looking for a job and working with a staffing service. When you work with Celebrity Staff, here’s the interview process we follow: a) You apply for a position with us b) We call you to set up an interview c) We

Stuck in a Rut? What Can You Do?

We all have those days, weeks, or sometimes even months where we get stuck in a rut at work and don’t know what to do. I recently read an article “7 Secrets to Get You Out of Your Career Rut” that gave me a variety of things that I could do to get out of

No, I Can’t Help You

I recently changed positions with my company and as I continue to gain knowledge and learn my new role, I have come to the realization that I cannot help everyone. Until just recently, I have always been a people pleaser and I have been the person to say “yes” to any request. Over the last

I ACCEPT! ……Oh wait just kidding…..

I ACCEPT! ......Oh wait just kidding..... Imagine this... You have made a job offer to your top candidate and they accept. You have a start date. You're in the process of running the background check. You have informed all other candidates that you have decided to go with another candidate. One week later, you receive