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What’s Your Hiring Urgency?

URGENCY. What does this word mean to you? To me, I think about speed. URGENCY is a term that recruiters often use to identify level of importance/speed to fill when it comes to helping their hiring manager recruit for an open position.

Time to Take a Break. It’s the Holiday Season, Right? Au Contraire…

How many of you, by the raise of an eyebrow, can say it doesn’t make any sense to search for a job during the holidays? I hope that eyebrow stayed put! Holidays are one of the best times to search for a new job. Why? It’s two fold really. Reasons involve both the job seeker

Work towards Being the Golden Egg in the Basket

In an economy where more and more companies are hiring, it's not hard to justify that finding the golden candidate for the job is a challenge. Companies are realizing that their benefits package, salary, work-life balance, flexibility, and opportunity for growth need to be more competitive to attract job seekers.

Do I Have to Kiss and Tell My Salary?

A co-worker sent me an article last week written by Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, entitled, “What Did You Earn At Your Last Job?” The article made the argument that job seekers shouldn’t have to disclose their current or previous compensation with any hiring official. The article states, “Your personal financial information is your

Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

I found out a little over a month ago that my significant other was offered a job out of state. Panic set in. A billion thoughts were running through my head. What will I tell my current employer? How is this all going to work out? If I told my current employer about my situation,

Challenge ACCEPTED

Do you ever dread looking for a new job because of the process involved? Do you get nervous about interviewing because you aren’t sure what types of questions the interviewer will ask? Do you hate online applications and/or online personality assessments? For those of you that fall into any of those categories, this won’t be