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Benefits of Communicating with Your Account Manager

Congratulations, you start Monday! Now that you secured a new position through Celebrity Staff, our communication is more important than ever before! Communication is vital to ensure...

Leveling Up Your Job

A few months back I attended a workshop, Passion for Leadership, by Lamarr Womble. Lamarr founded Passion for Leadership in 2008 and has spoken to more than 50,000 individuals about how they can find their passion...

Falling to the Bottom of the List

As an Operations Coordinator for Celebrity Staff, I spend a lot of my time reviewing resumes and calling candidates to chat with them about their work history and employment qualifications. Don’t FALL to the bottom of the list by making one of these mistakes.

Employees on Vacation? Consider Bringing in a Temp.

Summer is here - staycations, family get-a-ways, and holidays that no one wants to miss! Since it's a popular season to take vacations, employees are more frequently out of the office. However, their workloads don't stop. Many day-to-day duties have deadlines that can't be missed due to someone being out of the office.

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

In today’s job seeking world, it’s becoming more and more important to not only have a well written resume but to also have strong interviewing skills. When decision makers make the final cut they are looking for who interviewed the best, who said the "right things," and who showed the “right stuff” during the interview.

Let’s Work Together

When you are making a decision to hire a staffing service, do you really know the commitment you have made? You have made a commitment to work with a team to find your next top talent.