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Are Your Candidates Ghosting?

An Escape From Work I recently returned from a “bucket list” trip to Nashville. My husband and I escaped Omaha for 5 days without our kids. What we didn’t escape is my knack for asking a LOT of questions and offering career advice when appropriate. I can’t help myself, I love learning about people. It

How Do I Know Which Job Offer to Accept?

Unemployment is at an all-time low and you find yourself with multiple offers. You are probably asking yourself, "Do I take the position that offers the most money and minimal benefits to meet my immediate financial needs? Do I accept the position that is just under my salary expectations...

Flexible Managers Accomplish Goals

How often do you plan your day and it turns out nothing like you expected? I can honestly say this happens to me every single day. Some days are a speed bump and others, like today, are major detours. As a manager in any industry you have to be flexible to respond to unexpected challenges.

How Do Your Salaries Compare to Your Competitors?

It seems like everyone is hiring, and they are! Everywhere you look you will see "Now Hiring" signs or "Open Interviews" posted. This is not simply holiday hiring; many companies have had signs up and ads posted for several months.

Making a Match Hire® Assignment Work

How does a Match Hire® assignment work? Match Hire® is described as a staffing solution where both the client and the candidate have the opportunity to make sure the position is the right fit for both parties. It is commonly known as temp-to-hire; however we see this as an opportunity to ensure it is the

Is Candidate Really King?

You may have heard the phrase "candidate is king" being tossed around in the employment market in Nebraska. Simple economics teaches us that when supply is low and demand is high the price of goods will increase. In the employment world our "goods" are people and their skill sets. Not only are the employee's rates

Why Aren’t My Job Offers Being Accepted?

Do you find yourself wondering why job candidates are not accepting your offers? Are you frustrated that your office is getting further and further behind? Are employees getting stressed out because the additional responsibilities are leading to underperformance? Are your own tenured employees exiting the company for new opportunities that are more enticing?

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It is an exciting time to be in the staffing industry. Celebrity Staff, a division of C&A Industries, has nearly twice the number of contract employees working for us now than we did a year ago. As Omaha's unemployment drops, the need to recruit top talent has increased.