Bad Career Advice

Bad Career Advice

Can you believe it is 2019? I feel like we were just on summer vacations, attending family picnics, and getting the kiddos ready to start school! All of these milestones can bring new emotions when we are struggling to find work, have just been laid off, or are dissatisfied at work. Wanting to start a career can be an exciting time, and one where people weigh in with advice. Here are some common bits of advice I hear in my role as a recruiter that can start your search on a wrong foot.

#1 “Don’t work with a staffing firm as they only do temp jobs”.

  • Working with a staffing firm is often a misunderstood process. People think you walk in, get sent out to a job, and come back later that day to get paid. While we do help our clients with temporary needs – employees out sick, maternity coverage, special projects, etc. – we also focus on permanent placements through our Match Hire or Direct Hire hiring options. These are positions where the intent is to hire on the right fit permanently. Partnering with Celebrity Staff can allow you to hear about positions that companies never advertise. Some companies only use staffing companies or only Celebrity for their hiring needs. One of the reasons I love our business so much is we actually are able to give our candidates feedback regarding the interviews they take. Never hearing back after interviews with companies is one of the biggest complaints we hear. We have insight into the companies, which allows us to set our candidates up for a successful interview and get feedback regardless of the outcome. Being able to have a relationship with our candidates and clients really allows us to make the “perfect” match or give honest feedback to continue to assist candidates in their job search.

#2 “ You have to accept entry level work and work your way up.”

  • Getting let go, terminated, or being part of a company restructure does NOT mean you have to start with an entry-level position in your next career. You may be thinking you should take whatever comes your way. Your experience still matters and it still should be considered as beneficial to your future employer. Sure, going in and thinking you will be the boss next week is not the correct mentality, but taking a huge cut in pay or a job you’ve already became an expert in is not the answer either. I always say stay open but never underestimate your past and the progress you have made. Switching careers completely, like the transition from administrative assistant to legal assistant, can be a bit more challenging but it is not impossible. Working with a recruiter can help you figure out the best way to frame your experience and look for transferable assets.

#3 “Make sure your resume has all your personal information and work history on it.”

  • I always recommend my candidates keep their resume short, easy to read, yet intriguing. Statistics say the average recruiter or human resource manager only looks at a resume for 40 seconds or less. Think about it – if I only have 40 seconds to “sell” myself, I want it easy to find what really matters. This means your resume needs to be formatted properly. Just as we learned in grade school, the eyes naturally flow left to right when reading. I advise to have your company name on the left margin, dates of employment on the right margin, position under your company, and then 5-7 bullet points of your duties and responsibilities. Only provide 7-10 years of work history as anything before that is no longer pertinent. Avoid paragraphs at all costs. I feel the same about “summary”, “objective”, “volunteering/area of interests”. Take these off. If you are submitting a resume everyone knows you think you’re amazing and can do the job because of your skills. Save time and be ready to talk about yourself in an interview instead of trying to illustrate the full picture of your personality and work history in black and white. Talk about your volunteer experience face to face to let a potential employer know how you have changed the world outside of the four walls of a job, and talk about specific job skills in an interview to set yourself apart. I promise you will get the opportunity to talk about things that matter in the interview. We just have to get you there first! Check out our resume recommendations  for some best practices. 

As we start 2019, make sure the advice you consider implementing is going to benefit your job search in a positive way. Set yourself up to land a job that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning! And if you are looking for help in the administrative, legal, or management field give us a call at 800-910-7354. We would love to help!

Bad Career Advice

Makayla Monico
Makayla has been employed with Celebrity Staff since June 2013. She is on the Des Moines team as the Recruiter. Her favorite part of her job is changing people’s lives daily by being a part of the process where they find new opportunities.

Makayla was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studied criminal justice. After college, Makayla realized that social work was not the career she wanted to pursue. She then started working in hotel management where she spent the next 12 years and then as an Account Manager for 8 years managing telecom services for more than 150 multi-million dollar businesses. In her free time, Makayla enjoys spending time with her daughters, Gianna and Mallarie, and her loved ones. She loves event planning, photography, and doing creative projects around her home.

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