new guy, Being the “New Guy” at Work

Being the “New Guy” at Work

It’s no secret that being the new guy at work can be both stressful and nerve wracking. Everyone already has their cliques and it can be difficult to break into an existing office culture. I’ve been the new guy at work too many times to count, so here I am to give some helpful tips!

One of the hardest things about being the new guy at work is trying to connect with your coworkers. Whether it be figuring out their sense of humor, how they like to work in the office, or even their coffee orders. You don’t want to tell a “dad joke” and not get any laughs. Because how embarrassing would that be? Just remember, it’s okay to keep to yourself for a while. You’re learning new things and that can be stressful enough. It won’t happen in a day, and maybe not even in a month. I know it’s hard taking that first step. You don’t want to overstep boundaries, but it also doesn’t hurt to try. Offer to help them throughout the day. Pay attention to what they say about their personal lives, whether it be about relationships, pets, or their latest obsession at Target. Remembering the little things will make them realize that you care and that you’re trying—sometimes that’s just enough!

It’s also hard to know the difference between work relationships and personal relationships. While yes, you are a coworker, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask to grab lunch or a drink with one of your coworkers. Spending one-on-one time puts a little less pressure on yourself and getting to know a person, instead of getting to know everyone at once. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Being yourself is key when you are the new guy at work. Why act like someone you’re not? Don’t hide who you are just because you’re scared of being judged or mistaken. Tell the lame joke, laugh at something minimal, or order that extra donut. Sometimes being yourself can bring out a little something in someone else. Maybe they were scared of being their true self, but watching you inspired them not to hide anymore. You’d be surprised at what people are hiding. Sometimes they just need a little push to become better.

Don’t stress through your work day about what to say or do, focus on your work. Focus on learning how everything operates and how things are run. It’s okay to take your time getting to know your coworkers—you’re there to work and be the best employee you can be! Also, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions. This will show your boss and coworkers that you truly care about your job and want to succeed!

Being the new guy definitely has its stressful moments, but I hope with these tips you’re able to push past those moments and kill it at the workplace! Remember, they hired YOU and now is your time to shine, in and out work.

Connor Shuck
Connor Shuck joined C&A Industries in November 2019 as an office assistant in the Lincoln office. She then moved to the operations team where she was in charge of payroll and time cards. Originally from Edgar, NE she moved to Lincoln in hopes for new opportunities and to be in the same city as her best friends. What Connor enjoys most about working for Celebrity Staff is that it’s one big family and everyone looks out for one another. When Connor isn’t spending her time working, she enjoys playing with her two dogs and being outside as much as possible.

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