Beyond the Resume

When it comes to starting the search process for a new employee, most hiring managers begin by reviewing resumes. Studies say a hiring manager will spend on average six seconds glancing at a resume before deciding whether or not they will move the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process. That’s right, just six seconds. One could argue it is nearly impossible to determine who your next workplace rockstar could be in just six seconds, however, with the time constraints a hiring manager runs up against this seems to be the only “logical” way to find the next best employee. Of course, as a recruiter who works with hiring managers every day, my perspective on the most logical approach would be to partner with myself or one of my colleagues. Using a recruiter is the best way to gain insight beyond the resume before you, as the hiring manager, set up the first interview.


Many of the skills you are looking for in a candidate can be determined through a resume if it is well-written and explanative. However, many candidates use just three or four generic bullet points to try to describe what their job responsibilities and accomplishments have been in their most recent position. It is nearly impossible to capture all of the skills they have acquired in their last position, not to mention their entire career, on just one or two pieces of paper. A recruiter can dig deeper into how frequently they performed a certain task or to what level they utilized specific software. 


While skills are extremely important to all hiring managers, the candidate’s personality and ability to fit into the company culture is often just as important, as companies spend a great deal of time and resources to develop and maintain their company culture. A company with a reserved, laid back, professional attire environment may not be the best fit for a fast-paced, extroverted, casual dressing candidate. Recruiters can quickly determine the candidate’s personality and demeanor, how they present themselves, and how they communicate before the candidate steps one foot inside the hiring manager’s office. 


At the start of the hiring process, it is imperative to understand both why a candidate is leaving his/her current position and why he/she would like to work for your organization. Understanding a candidate’s motivators and must-haves, such as pay, location, workplace environment, amount of travel, etc. will ultimately be a key deciding factor when the candidate decides whether to accept a position. Recruiters work to uncover any and all of these motivators, including things such as a counter offer.

The next time you are tempted to make your decisions through the six second resume glance, consider all of the “insider” information you can receive before even meeting with a single candidate. As a hiring manager, partnering with a recruiter can save you time and money, and more importantly, help you look beyond the resume.


Beyond the ResumePam Hickey

Pam joined Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in 2011 and was promoted to Senior Account Manager in July 2013.  Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, she worked in the travel industry focusing on sales and recruiting.  Originally from Iowa, Pam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Iowa State University.  Outside of work she enjoys yoga, bike riding, cooking, and most of all travel.

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