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Full Disclosure Critical When Searching for ‘A Few Good Men’

I remember it like it was yesterday. Col. Nathan Jessep sits scowling from the witness stand asking, “You want answers?” Lt. Kaffee answers defiantly, “I want the truth!” “You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Awesome. Underdog Daniel Kaffee did the unthinkable. In that moment, an 11-year old me knew what he wanted to be when he

The Incredible Shrinking Candidate Pool

If you haven’t heard, the world’s population just surpassed 7 billion people. The national unemployment rate has also largely remained unchanged around 9.1% since July 2011. So it’s reasonable to conclude that you’ll continue to have an uninterrupted supply of great candidates for your positions, right? Unfortunately, no you can’t.

PUSH or PULL Your Way to Success

Do you push or pull your employees? Let me explain what I mean by describing "pushers" and "pullers". Pushers use deadlines and required benchmarks to motivate employees. Pushers are vocal and provide feedback, but most often when things aren’t going well. They also tend to be very reactive when handling situations. Employees avoid interaction with

Celebrity Staff Recognizes Employee of the Year

Celebrating with professionals from each of the staffing divisions within C&A Industries, Inc., Celebrity Staff was thrilled to recognize the accomplishments of our 2011 Employee of the Year, Cathy F. at our Annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, September 15.

Let’s go Have Some Fun in the Sun!

Summer is here! Heat, humidity, and days when we all look out the window wishing we were out at a ball game, on the golf course, or out at the pool. Many of us save those beloved vacation/PTO days to use during the summer when the days are long and there is lots to do

Hiring is Heating Up. Are You Prepared?

With each passing month, 2011 is looking more and more optimistic. News reports indicate unemployment is declining, the worst may be over for the housing market (in most parts of the country at least), and consumer confidence is slowing returning. In the business world, the turnaround means many of us who were forced to reduce

Is Time Really On Your Side?

Are you one of the many hiring managers who takes their time when interviewing and making an offer to a candidate? If you answered yes, please read on. It appears the common theme among many employers today is to interview as many candidates as possible in order to find that perfect candidate. The problem with

Bull$h*t and the Blarney Stone

Back in college I was lucky enough to study abroad as part of an international exchange program in London, England. A group of us traveled as much as we could on the weekends. One extended weekend we crossed the Irish Sea to visit Ireland. Of course we had to visit Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland

Celebrity Staff Parent Company, C&A Industries, Named Among Best Places to Work for Third Consecutive Year

C&A Industries, Inc., parent company to Celebrity Staff, a leading provider of staffing and recruitment solutions, with a specialization in the administrative, management, and legal fields, has been named among the “Best Places to Work” in Omaha for the third consecutive year.

Staffing at the Speed of Light: Are you Keeping Up?

By now you’ve seen the Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Beiber commercial originally aired during this month’s Super Bowl. Best Buy’s premise of “Technology moves fast. Don’t get left behind” depicts an aged Ozzy trying to get used to the “now” 4G technology rapidly adapting to an advanced 6G service. Trying his best, but still clearly lost, he