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Different Industry; Still Making Clients Happy

I'm new to the staffing industry. I spent over 20 years in the travel industry sending people on amazing vacations around the world. In addition to planning vacations, I spent over 10 years managing, hiring, recruiting and training employees. I was excited to try a new industry, and the best part, I am still in

Love is in the Air!

February is the month of love! At least that is what retailers tell us as we walk the aisles and see nothing but a sea of red and pink cookies, candies, flowers, cards, and gifts created to help us celebrate the "holiday" and remind us to show our "love" to those who mean the

Get Up and Dance! Cultivating Passionate Employees

There had always been a passion in me for dancing, but country western and line dancing weren’t exactly what I had in mind. I appreciate country music; it just was never at the top of my list. Going out dancing with friends generally included hitting trendier, metropolitan destinations. That is, until a really good friend

Celebrity Staff to Exhibit at Nebraska State Bar Association Annual Meeting

Celebrity Staff is proud to support the Nebraska State Bar Association as a 2010 Annual Meeting sponsor and exhibitor. The NeBar Association will hold its annual event from Wednesday, October 20 to Friday, October 22 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in LaVista. Stop by the Celebrity booth to register for your chance to win a $500

Celebrity Staff Recognizes Employee of the Year

Celebrating with professionals from each of the staffing divisions within C&A Industries, Inc., Celebrity Staff was ecstatic to recognize the accomplishments of our 2010 Employee of the Year, Leslie B. at the Annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, September 23.

Improving Your Workplace Relationships

Whether you’re meeting with a group of colleagues in a formal setting or working one-on-one with a coworker on a project, how you interact with others impacts your ability to manage your time. The better your workplace relationships, the better able you will be to accomplish goals you have in common and to communicate clearly,

Fun at Work: Possible and Productive

As I watched my grandson this weekend laugh a fully belly laugh, it made me think about the last time, we as adults, laughed like that. If you think about it, you spend more than 33 percent of your week at work. I understand work is work, but why can we not have

A Little ‘Chocolate Milk’ Goes a Long Way

It was a typical Saturday afternoon. I had finished preparing lunch for the family and was starting to clean up the dishes when my 7-year-old son approached me. “Daddy, do you know why I love you?” My brain started to flood images of my many qualities that make me a loveable father. Was it the

Interviewing: Looking Beyond the Here and Now and Moving Forward

In the last two Celebrity Staff blogs, Patty North, Celebrity Staff Regional Manager, discussed Celebrity’s recent client presentation about interviewing and making smart hiring decisions. She pointed out what is not working and gave tips on how to make smart hiring decisions. I would like to wrap up the discussion on interviewing and making smart

Interviewing: First Step in Improvement? What is NOT working?

In my last blog post I shared that while there are some managers/execs who truly are interview pros, most of you aren’t trained in interviewing. Your core skills instead rest in your offerings to your business, yet a vast number of hiring managers still think they are interview experts.  So, now that we are all aware