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5 Tips for Making the Perfect Job Offer

Did we identify the perfect candidate for your job opening? Did you interview the candidate and decide the candidate checks your must-have boxes? Do you need to have the candidate on your team? Then DON'T make the mistake of continuing to search or dragging your feet. In today’s employment market, the employee will have moved

Stuck in a Rut? What Can You Do?

We all have those days, weeks, or sometimes even months where we get stuck in a rut at work and don’t know what to do. I recently read an article “7 Secrets to Get You Out of Your Career Rut” that gave me a variety of things that I could do to get out of

Employees on Vacation? Consider Bringing in a Temp.

Summer is here - staycations, family get-a-ways, and holidays that no one wants to miss! Since it's a popular season to take vacations, employees are more frequently out of the office. However, their workloads don't stop. Many day-to-day duties have deadlines that can't be missed due to someone being out of the office.

Tips on How to Balance Work and Family Life

Finding ways to balance work and home responsibilities is the key to less stress, anxiety, and happiness. Everyone’s work and family circumstances vary based on the number of children, children’s ages, activities, and also the demands of both spouse’s/significant other’s careers. Finding what works and recognizing the need to be flexible as family and work

Melanoma of the Eye: What Might Surprise You

It’s Saturday morning April 11, 2015, and I am driving to Fairbury, NE to say goodbye to a dear friend and colleague, Elizabeth Meyer Ambri. She passed away suddenly on Monday, March 30, 2015 from melanoma of the eye that spread to her liver and spleen. Elizabeth (as she was called at work, but friends

Why Use a Search and Staffing Company to Find Talent?

Just the other day I was working with a brand new client. They hadn’t ever utilized a firm such as ours and didn’t understand all the benefits surrounding our services. I spoke with her for quite some time regarding our features and benefits and explained that Omaha is known for its small to medium sized

Are You Playing to Your Strengths?

Recently, I have been attending a professional development class, and one of the lessons we just completed was on the topic of “Playing to Your Strengths.” This philosophy is something Marcus Buckingham has done a significant amount of research on. During this class, we discussed various topics that outlined our current thought process. If you think

How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Employees

Employees appreciate feedback – all kinds of feedback. Whether it’s constructive criticism or something on a positive note, they want to know how they're doing and where they can improve (or at least they should). As a manager/supervisor you should be giving feedback. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or anytime you feel necessary.

Hail Caesar?

So, I was flipping through channels earlier this week when I stumbled upon Gladiator, the superb movie with Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. If you haven't seen Gladiator you need to stop what you're doing and go watch it ASAP. Seriously. Stop reading this blog, and go watch it!

How to Build a Culture of Accountability

What is accountability? The word itself brings up painful memories of blame, failure, finger wagging, and "I told you so." However, it doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be a response to something going wrong. Accountability should be something we all commit to, as a way to prevent something from ever going wrong