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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It is an exciting time to be in the staffing industry. Celebrity Staff, a division of C&A Industries, has nearly twice the number of contract employees working for us now than we did a year ago. As Omaha's unemployment drops, the need to recruit top talent has increased.

Beyond the Resume

When it comes to starting the search process for a new employee, most hiring managers begin by reviewing resumes. Studies say a hiring manager will spend on average six seconds glancing at a resume before deciding whether or not they will move the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process.

I ACCEPT! ……Oh wait just kidding…..

I ACCEPT! ......Oh wait just kidding..... Imagine this... You have made a job offer to your top candidate and they accept. You have a start date. You're in the process of running the background check. You have informed all other candidates that you have decided to go with another candidate. One week later, you receive

Hiring For Keeps

I have daily conversations with many HR managers and department supervisors about staffing needs and challenges. These conversations all have a common denominator, “I’m searching for those candidates that offer quality performance, are committed to learning my industry, and will be dedicated employees for years to come.” A fair and reasonable expectation, wouldn’t you

Making Companies Attractive For Your Candidates

One of the best times of the year has arrived again - college football season! While many of us focus on the number of touchdowns and the amount of wins and losses of our favorite team, do we ever take the time to stop and consider the process it takes for teams to score

Forget the Money – Show Me the Clams

Countless areas are seeing their unemployment percentage drop, total job openings continue to grow, and across the country there’s an overall feeling that the worst is behind us. If your company is experiencing growth, congratulations – I hope it’s the start of greater things to come. If you are holding steady or even downsizing,

Off the Market

Take a moment to remember back to the feeling you had when you signed off on your first home and drove by your new residence the next day to see a "SOLD" banner slapped up against the "For Sale" sign. Or reflect on the vows you said to your spouse on your wedding day,

Four Ways to Land Top Talent

Have you ever struggled with finding the right talent for your company? If you’re honest, the answer is yes. Worse yet, have you ever lost that top candidate to the infamous black hole where great candidates disappear never to be seen or heard from again? Then you make a snap hiring decision with a secondary

Why Do People Work for You?

Celebrity Staff and C&A Industries received notification that we have been selected as one the "Best Places to Work" in Omaha, Neb. for the fourth year in a row. This is an honor to win once, let alone four years running! In my 17 years at C&A, I have witnessed tremendous growth and change. We

The Downside of Delaying a Decision

“Daddy, I love you.” No response. “Daddy, I said I love you.” “Just a second, bud.” What my 5-year-old, Eli fails to understand is that I’m deeply entrenched in the current Lakers game. What I fail to understand is that Eli will not give up until he has my full attention. As Kobe Bryant cross-overs and