Why Do People Work for You?

Celebrity Staff and C&A Industries received notification that we have been selected as one the “Best Places to Work” in Omaha, Neb. for the fourth year in a row. This is an honor to win once, let alone four years running!

In my 17 years at C&A, I have witnessed tremendous growth and change. We have grown from a small company of less than 50 people to a mid-sized firm of almost 500. In the late 90s we were growing at such a rapid pace that it was hard to slow down and establish the infrastructure that has now made us a “great place to work.” The drastically low unemployment rate and high demand for employees in that time meant that our first priority was taking care of the “customer” and it wasn’t until the market stabilized a bit after the turn of the century that we had an opportunity to look at our internal customers — our employees.

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The Downside of Delaying a Decision

“Daddy, I love you.” No response. “Daddy, I said I love you.”

“Just a second, bud.” What my 5-year-old, Eli fails to understand is that I’m deeply entrenched in the current Lakers game. What I fail to understand is that Eli will not give up until he has my full attention. As Kobe Bryant cross-overs and drives through the lane for an explosive dunk, my son climbs on the couch to sit directly beside me.

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Full Disclosure Critical When Searching for ‘A Few Good Men’

I remember it like it was yesterday. Col. Nathan Jessep sits scowling from the witness stand asking, “You want answers?” Lt. Kaffee answers defiantly, “I want the truth!” “You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Awesome. Underdog Daniel Kaffee did the unthinkable. In that moment, an 11-year old me knew what he wanted to be when he grew up – an attorney. Almost immediately, I started practicing anyway I could. I gave my parents elaborate presentations that overwhelmingly proved why my bed time being pushed back from 8:30 to 9 p.m. would allow me to greater develop my social skills. I loved playing Devil’s advocate on topics I couldn’t care less about – successfully arguing why Alicia Silverstone was a better actress than Julia Roberts. I even went to college with my major set in Political Science. I was ready. Eventually, college taught me less about what I wanted to do and more about who I wanted to be. Two years into my major, I no longer wanted to be an attorney. The dream was over.

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Hiring Mistakes? Never!

Making the right hiring decisions is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Hire a great customer service person, you have happy customers and happy customers can make your business. Hire a bad customer service representative, and your company has a bad reputation and you lose your customers. Hire an outstanding manager who has the ability to coach people and build business, you’ve got a tenured staff and low employee turnover. Hire a manager who makes it a miserable place to work and morale and productivity crash, soon you have employees leaving left and right.

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Hiring is Heating Up. Are You Prepared?

With each passing month, 2011 is looking more and more optimistic. News reports indicate unemployment is declining, the worst may be over for the housing market (in most parts of the country at least), and consumer confidence is slowing returning. In the business world, the turnaround means many of us who were forced to reduce staff or leave vacant positions unfilled the last two years will need to add employees to our staff.

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Bull$h*t and the Blarney Stone

Back in college I was lucky enough to study abroad as part of an international exchange program in London, England. A group of us traveled as much as we could on the weekends. One extended weekend we crossed the Irish Sea to visit Ireland. Of course we had to visit Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone. This is a real stone that has been kissed my millions of people including movie stars, writers, and world statesmen.

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Interviewing: Looking Beyond the Here and Now and Moving Forward

In the last two Celebrity Staff blogs, Patty North, Celebrity Staff Regional Manager, discussed Celebrity’s recent client presentation about interviewing and making smart hiring decisions. She pointed out what is not working and gave tips on how to make smart hiring decisions. I would like to wrap up the discussion on interviewing and making smart hiring decisions by giving you some ideas of how to move forward.

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Interviewing: Do you really know what you are doing?

Why selecting the best candidates NOW may define the future of your company.

Last month, Elizabeth Ambri, Branch Manager of Celebrity Lincoln and I conducted a workshop exclusively for Celebrity Staff clients on why managers should step back and evaluate their interview skills. We explained how doing so could benefit their company and offered specific tips on what they should do differently when interviewing.

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