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Love… at Work?

No, not that kind of love! The month of February brings to mind Valentine’s Day and everything from love, your spouse, family, significant other, to those who are close to you. When we hear the word “love” we often think of our personal relationships; however, let's look at this word in a different context. Love

Interview Faux Pas

According to an oft repeated phrase, sometimes "the devil is in the details." Perhaps you went to a job interview feeling you had the exact qualifications needed to ace the interview. Yet, no offer was forthcoming. You rack your brain for what could have led to this disappointment. Was it the lack of an Ivy

Celebrity Staff Recognizes Employee of the Year

Celebrating with professionals from each of the staffing divisions within C&A Industries, Inc., Celebrity Staff was ecstatic to recognize the accomplishments of our 2010 Employee of the Year, Leslie B. at the Annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, September 23.

A Practical Guide to Landing a Job ‘Audition’

Much like dancing, working as a temp or supplemental employee takes ability, flexibility, dedication, and overall quality performance. To outshine the competition takes know-how and delivery. So you think you can dance temp? The art of the temp audition takes a common sense approach.

Improving Your Workplace Relationships

Whether you’re meeting with a group of colleagues in a formal setting or working one-on-one with a coworker on a project, how you interact with others impacts your ability to manage your time. The better your workplace relationships, the better able you will be to accomplish goals you have in common and to communicate clearly,

Fun at Work: Possible and Productive

As I watched my grandson this weekend laugh a fully belly laugh, it made me think about the last time, we as adults, laughed like that. If you think about it, you spend more than 33 percent of your week at work. I understand work is work, but why can we not have

How to Make Yourself More Valuable to Your Employer

In these times when companies are doing lay-offs and the market is still uncertain, how do you make yourself a valuable player to your employer? There may be no control of lay-offs or downsizing, but there are ways in which you can set yourself apart from your colleagues. Consider these tips.

Job Search Secrets from a Pro

As an individual who spends my entire professional life screening, interviewing, and referencing potential candidates for a variety of industries and career tracks, I have seen first-hand the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to employment seekers. With the recently released stats that the United States has reached double digit unemployment

What Employers are Looking for as the Recovery Continues

The economy may be slowly recovering from the recession, but what does that mean for job seekers? You need to be aware of what makes you marketable and what makes you stand above the rest so you can highlight that experience. Take a look at this data from a survey of 2,700 hiring and HR professionals

What Not to Wear…to Work!

It is amazing how the warm weather can cause even the most sensible people to make the worst wardrobe decisions! We hear more complaints this time of year on dress code violations, both from employees and supervisors, than any other time of year. Yep, that means that your co-workers may be complaining about you!