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Employee on the Go — Sarah Bonow

Each month a new C&A Industries (parent company of Celebrity Staff) employee is featured as an Employee on the Go, which are individuals who are going above and beyond in a positive way in the name of health and wellness. This month Celebrity Staff Operations Manager, Sarah Bonow, was featured in recognition of her overall

Email Etiquette: Think Before Hitting Send

Ever fired off an email and immediately regretted hitting the send button? Or innocently sent a message that was taken completely the wrong way? We’ve all stuck our electronic foot in our mouths, but this can easily be avoided.

Celebrity Staff Celebrates Administrative Professional’s Day

Celebrity Staff is excited to recognize the talented administrative professionals working for our clients and pay tribute to all office support staff in honor of Administrative Professional’s Day today. To celebrate, Celebrity Staff account managers will spend the day delivering treats and personalized thank you notes to our working administrative professionals. Admin Day, formerly known

Cook up a Recipe for Workplace Success

Being good at your job is only part of the recipe for success at work. To heat up your career, remember to add these key ingredients:

How to Get Noticed at Work

Should you sell yourself at work? If you want to move up the corporate ladder and get noticed, then yes you should. At the end of the day, we’re all salespeople no matter what job we do and in virtually all aspects of our life. We sell ourselves to potential employers, potential customers, potential significant others,

LOYALTY – A Celebration of 20 Years of Service

Loyalty and tenure: two words that rarely describe employees in today's businesses. These qualities were once commonplace in a time when pensions were common and identities were associated with a company, not a career choice. Ten, fifteen, twenty years were expected and anything less was frowned upon.

Good News for Employment

According to a recent Careerbuilder.com survey, more than half (58 percent) of those laid off in the last twelve months have found new jobs. Fifty-one percent have found full-time positions (up from 48 percent in June 2009) and 7 percent have found part-time positions (up from 3 percent in June 2009).

Love your Job

Last night I had an hour-long conversation about teeth. Teeth and the current happenings in the dental world, actually. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the first conversation about teeth that I’ve had. I can’t pretend it’s the most interesting topic ever, but during this conversation, I was riveted.

Finding Success as a Contract Employee

Have you ever considered working on a contract basis while you are looking for a full-time position? Did you know that almost 40 percent of contract or temporary employees nationwide, according to The American Staffing Association Web site, are eventually hired as full-time employees?

C&A Industries Named Among Best Omaha Employers for Second Consecutive Year

C&A Industries, Inc., parent company to Celebrity Staff and other leading staffing and recruiting firms, has been named among the top employers in Omaha by Omaha Magazine for the second consecutive year. The announcement is featured in the magazine’s January/February 2010 “Best of Omaha” issue.