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The Power of References

When applying for jobs, it’s easy to overlook one important area - references. Application processes are often time consuming. By the time you get to the point of entering references, you find yourself tired, overwhelmed, or annoyed and simply leave that part blank or list people without giving much thought.

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

No matter how many days or weeks you take off for maternity leave, it’s always difficult returning back to work. Whether you were the mom who just did NOT want to come back but knew you had to or the mom who was so ready to come back, it’s hard, emotional, and difficult.

Interviewing is Just like a First Date

Imagine receiving a call from a company that is interested in interviewing you for your dream job. The initial excitement is overwhelming - you can’t wait to tell your friends, parents, and anyone who will listen. You prepare for the interview by going over possible questions, laying out your clothes, and going to bed dreaming

Staffing Firm Confessions: What Your Recruiter Won’t Tell You, but Probably Should

Unlike most in my profession, I've been known to over share. This is probably another example. So why don't I switch gears and disclose some things about working with a recruiter that you may not know.

The Impact of Positivity in the Workplace

At Celebrity Staff, we have gone all in with a campaign to help drive positivity in the workplace. This shift in mindset, titled The Energy Bus, comes from author Jon Gordon and focuses on blocking out the negative influences in our lives and focusing our energy on the positive.

Do You Take Things for Granted?

I asked myself the question, do I take things for granted? This can be your family, health, job, or really anything in your day to day life. Recently Celebrity Staff had what people like to call an “ah ha” moment when a coworker’s house burnt to the ground and they lost everything.

Communication is the Key to Victory!

Communication is the key to any relationship that you have. It is especially important when you are looking for a job and working with a staffing service. When you work with Celebrity Staff, here’s the interview process we follow: a) You apply for a position with us b) We call you to set up an interview c) We

Making a Match Hire® Assignment Work

How does a Match Hire® assignment work? Match Hire® is described as a staffing solution where both the client and the candidate have the opportunity to make sure the position is the right fit for both parties. It is commonly known as temp-to-hire; however we see this as an opportunity to ensure it is the

Planning to Plan

When I started my career at Celebrity Staff I was heading into my last semester of college. I was working full time, had a course load of 19 credit hours, and an internship. I knew from several years of working and going to school full time that in order to be successful I would have

Six Ways to Improve Your Job Search in the New Year

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, each year we all want to eat healthier, lose weight, and be a better person, but what about focusing on your career path? It is not too late to plan your career search for the New Year. Here are some helpful tips that will pay off when job