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Do You Take Things for Granted?

I asked myself the question, do I take things for granted? This can be your family, health, job, or really anything in your day to day life. Recently Celebrity Staff had what people like to call an “ah ha” moment when a coworker’s house burnt to the ground and they lost everything.

Communication is the Key to Victory!

Communication is the key to any relationship that you have. It is especially important when you are looking for a job and working with a staffing service. When you work with Celebrity Staff, here’s the interview process we follow: a) You apply for a position with us b) We call you to set up an interview c) We

Making a Match Hire® Assignment Work

How does a Match Hire® assignment work? Match Hire® is described as a staffing solution where both the client and the candidate have the opportunity to make sure the position is the right fit for both parties. It is commonly known as temp-to-hire; however we see this as an opportunity to ensure it is the

Planning to Plan

When I started my career at Celebrity Staff I was heading into my last semester of college. I was working full time, had a course load of 19 credit hours, and an internship. I knew from several years of working and going to school full time that in order to be successful I would have

Six Ways to Improve Your Job Search in the New Year

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, each year we all want to eat healthier, lose weight, and be a better person, but what about focusing on your career path? It is not too late to plan your career search for the New Year. Here are some helpful tips that will pay off when job

Celebrity Staff Gives Back

The holiday season is a special time. It is a time to reflect on the previous year and be thankful for all that you have and who you are able to share it with. However, for some, the holidays can be very difficult. They can be constant reminders of daily struggles to survive. It is

How to be Thankful When You Don’t Feel like it – A Thanksgiving Reflection

As Thanksgiving has come and gone I spent some time reflecting. Reflections about my family, friendships, health, job, and in many ways, it is making me think ahead to those New Year’s resolution goals. Now I am somewhat deflated. It is hard to be grateful and thankful about everything in life. Life sometimes just "gets

Time to Take a Break. It’s the Holiday Season, Right? Au Contraire…

How many of you, by the raise of an eyebrow, can say it doesn’t make any sense to search for a job during the holidays? I hope that eyebrow stayed put! Holidays are one of the best times to search for a new job. Why? It’s two fold really. Reasons involve both the job seeker

Applications and Resumes and Interviews, Oh My!

Between filling out lengthy applications, perfecting and re-perfecting your resume, and attending multiple interviews only to be the "runner-up" candidate, searching for a job can feel downright overwhelming. At times, you might feel a bit like Dorothy in the Land of Oz facing lions, and tigers, and bears--oh my!

Make a Statement on Paper

I can’t tell you how many resumes I go through each day and think to myself, “Man, this is just terrible!” Sometimes, I wish I could call that person up and tell them I want to help them fix the disaster that is floating around on the internet.