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Four Things You Should Avoid During an Interview

I am an intern at one of the Midwest’s leading staffing and human capital companies. I am very grateful to learn so much about such a fascinating and expanding field and to get to work with some amazing individuals. I get the opportunity to meet and help hire many unique and talented people every day

Shhh, Be Careful What You Say!

Do you know a person who has an excuse or complains about everything? When you talk to this person do you want to say “shhh”? I often wonder what a person feels they are gaining when they talk bad about other people or companies. I have done countless interviews in my time as a manager

Why Cancelling/Rescheduling an Interview is better Than a No-call, No-show

“Can I cancel my interview?” “What should I do? I have an interview scheduled and I can’t make it.” These are questions candidates frequently ask. Some people would rather just do a no-call, no-show than actually call the employer to cancel. The one thing employers want to advise candidates on is that you are NOT

Stuck in a Rut? What Can You Do?

We all have those days, weeks, or sometimes even months where we get stuck in a rut at work and don’t know what to do. I recently read an article “7 Secrets to Get You Out of Your Career Rut” that gave me a variety of things that I could do to get out of

Making a Lasting Impression

Everyone will make a first impression, but only a few will make a lasting impression. So what really does a lasting impression come down to? Many say appearance. Few will say how you made them feel. In my opinion, they are both correct.

Is Candidate Really King?

You may have heard the phrase "candidate is king" being tossed around in the employment market in Nebraska. Simple economics teaches us that when supply is low and demand is high the price of goods will increase. In the employment world our "goods" are people and their skill sets. Not only are the employee's rates

How to Work with Multiple Personality Types

Walking into a new office on the first day of your new job or temporary assignment can be daunting and sometimes intimidating. You may ask yourself what your co-workers will be like and if they will like you. Having multiple personality types in the office is what makes your team set themselves apart. I bet

Melanoma of the Eye: What Might Surprise You

It’s Saturday morning April 11, 2015, and I am driving to Fairbury, NE to say goodbye to a dear friend and colleague, Elizabeth Meyer Ambri. She passed away suddenly on Monday, March 30, 2015 from melanoma of the eye that spread to her liver and spleen. Elizabeth (as she was called at work, but friends

Why Haven’t They Called Me?

Have you ever worked with a staffing company and wondered why you weren’t being called for jobs? It’s their job to find you something, right? Not entirely. Before you blame your recruiter for not finding you that perfect opportunity, stop and think. Have you reached out to them lately to see what new jobs they

Work towards Being the Golden Egg in the Basket

In an economy where more and more companies are hiring, it's not hard to justify that finding the golden candidate for the job is a challenge. Companies are realizing that their benefits package, salary, work-life balance, flexibility, and opportunity for growth need to be more competitive to attract job seekers.